Pets feel the bite of this tight economy, too

June 19, 2008 | By Arden M. | Category: Travel

I'm here in NYC area on a satellite media tour. Yesterday, I appeared on The Pet Stop show on Channel 12 in New Jersey with host, Dr. Brian Voynick. I identified ways pet owners can save money in pet care without sacrificing the health of their furry friends. Topping the list: preventive care. Never skimp on pet food. Select high-quality foods that list a real meat as the first ingredient and you will save oodles of dough on veterinary bills. Also, learn to brush your dog or cat's teeth - daily - to save up to $300 a year on veterinary dental cleanings. Finally, forego the need for your pet to be dressed in the latest fashions - our pets don't know - or care - if they are wearing designer labels and certainly won't bark in protest if they wear the same doggy sweater, hat or outfit more than once. Paws Up! Arden
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