One Cool Cat and A Book-Reading Hedge Hog

August 24, 2008 | By Arden M. | Category: Travel

Even hedge hogs love Arden's books!

My furry fan club on this national book tour is expanding beyond cats and dogs. Today, my stop was at Whitman’s Feed Store in picturesque North Bennington, Vermont. Store owner Dave gave me a nickel tour of his two-story complex where I got to meet and greet Boots, the store’s cat — a very laid-back feline. I also chatted with people like Beverly and Roger, proud pet parents of a cat named Misty and offered senior tips for those with dogs and cats well past their 7th birthdays. Accompanying on this stop were my editor, Lisa Hiley from Storey and her 14-years-YOUNG dog, Maize, who loved the chance to sniff around the store’s aisles full of canine temptations.

But the highlight of the event was the surprise appearance of a young hedge hog. Dave brought this shy critter to my book signing table where the hog seems to focus on the pages of my “Happy Cat, Happy You” book. Once I arrive in NYC tomorrow and have the technological capabilities, I will post a photo of this book-reading critter. One special note: always pet a hedge hog from front to back - to avoid the sting of its needle-filled coat.
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