Maine Attraction: Lobster and Pet Lovers

August 22, 2008 | By Arden M. | Category: Travel

Great Chow-der in Maine!

Greetings from the most eastern spot of my 23-city national book tour - Portland, Maine. I started today being interviewed by NBC-TV’s WCSH in Portland for the popular show, “207.” Why 207 you ask? Well, as I discovered from the show producer, 207 is the area code for the ENTIRE state of Maine! Wow. Where I live in San Diego County, we have 3 area codes with more to come. Show host Rob was very friendly and put me at ease as I shared tips from my books that are good for the environment, pets, you and your pocketbook.

Okay, by 4 p.m., I’m looking for a late lunch/early dinner. Portland reigns as Lobster Land, but I don’t want to dine at a tourist spot. The TV crew recommend a local favorite: Gilberts Chowder House on the harbor. Wow. I started off with a cup of seafood chowder stuffed with seafood (barely could find any chunks of potato) and a lobster dinner. Topped off with a glass of wine and my entire bill came to $33. Special thanks to Marie and Matt and the rest at Gilberts - check out the pic of us with a couple of lobsters.

Tonight, I headed for the heart of Portland, Maine to a cozy independent store called Books, Etc. on Exchange Street. The place has a resident dog, a terrier named Finn (not sure what genre he prefers to paw through the pages of) and a knowledgeable staff led by Katherine and Jane. Jane’s daughter, Katie confided to me her dream: to adopt a puppy, specifically, a Bernese Mountain Dog. That’s one big pup! I talked to Nelly, from Portugal who now lives in Fort Lauderdale about her brother’s lovable cocker spaniel, Willy and helped a family stop their collie name Lucy from yanking on the leash during their walks.

Now, I’m no Rand McNally, but Portland is definitely a must-see place to visit. Full of history, interesting people and affordable lobster dishes!
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