Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson talk about Marley with Arden

December 7, 2008 | By Arden M. | 1 comment
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Arden cuddles up with Clyde, one of 19 dogs to portray Marley in the movie.

Just got back from spending the weekend in LA where I attended the press screening of the "Marley & Me" movie and then the press conference featuring the stars of this movie to be released on Christmas Day. Marley is more than a book - or movie - to me. I actually knew the real goofy Labrador retriever and his frustrated but loving pet owners, John and Jenny Grogan. John and I worked in the same newsroom for 9 years in South Florida and John graciously wrote about the musings of Marley in the foreword of my award-winning book, "The Dog Behavior Answer Book."
At the press conference, I had the chance to interview the movie's stars -- Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. Their performances as Jenny and John Grogan were spot on perfect. I was also able to give each signed copies of my dog behavior book - as they are both happy to share their homes with canine pals. You can hear the entire press conference come Dec. 8 by tuning into my OH BEHAVE! radio show. Just go to www.petliferadio.com and click on the OH BEHAVE icon - in no time, you will feel like you were there in the same room with Jennifer and Owen.
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