Get Ready to Get Happy!

August 9, 2008 | By Arden M. | Category: Current Events

Okay, pet lovers! My national "Happy Tour" unleashes officially tomorrow at The Total Dog Spa in Oceanside, CA. I will be visiting about 20 places from Maine to Kauai between now and Oct. 18 on this national book tour. The first portion of the tour finds me up and down the California coast and I'm doggone lucky that my dogs, Chipper and Cleo - as well as my sister, Deb -- will be joining me in my SUV as we visit 6 places.
Please check my home page: www.ardenmoore.com and click on the BOOK TOUR paw to learn of the different locations and times. In addition, don't forget to post your happy pet photo on our photo contest right here on ZOOTOO! Just go to www.zootoo.com/happy pets and - presto! - your adorable dog, cat or other pet - is now in contention for prizes.

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