Arden Explains Cat Math on National TV!

June 4, 2008 | By Arden M. | Category: Current Events

Callie works her abs!

What a whirlwind trip - I appeared on the very fun "Mike and Juliet Show" Tuesday morning with five very cute kittens and cats to explain my favorite math: "cat face geometry." One tool in determining a cat's temperament tendencies is the shape of the face: round (shy), triangle (active) and square (mellow). You can view the 4-minute video clip by going to www.petliferadio.com, click on my OH BEHAVE show icon, scroll down and click on the Mike and Juliet Show hyperlink - presto! All five felines are up for adoption - and I am giving away a copy of my award-winning Cat Behavior Answer Book to each and every one who adopts these felines from the Bideawee Shelter. Each one has a great purr-sonality!

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