4 Top Tips For Successful Social Media Management

Social media is one of the most powerful and cost-effective tools a business can use to market its goods or services.

Many industries now rely heavily on digital marketing, with plenty of consumers regularly influenced by the information they find online.

Read on for our top four tips for successfully promoting your business on social media.

Use the platforms that suit your business

There’s an ever-increasing list of social media platforms to use, but you don’t have to be on every single one of them.

Facebook and Twitter remain hugely popular with business, but LinkedIn, Snapchat and Instagram are others worth considering.

Doing selected ones well rather than all of them badly will pay dividends in the long run, and it’s certainly worth asking your customers which ones they use the most.

Test out different platforms and publish various types of content. Once you know what works keep doing it on a consistent basis and you will reap the rewards.

Create a content calendar

Spend time creating a content calendar that is in line with your organisational and marketing goals.

Gambling companies like Mohegan Sun Casino could use this method to plan out when it posts exciting offers or promotions.

Make sure that you include staff and customer focused content to ensure that the people at the core of your business feel valued and worthwhile.

Once you have the framework laid out, use social media management tools such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to schedule the content.

Social media management tools are your friend

Tools such like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and Sprout Social are invaluable when it comes to managing your social media pages.

These allow you to save time by scheduling posts, and include content calendar functions to plan a weekly strategy that is timely and relevant to your business’ audience.

This allows you to focus on real-time moments that happen in your company and gives your social media the ideal mix of content to keep people engaged.

Utilise your staff

Companies can produce vibrant social media marketing without needing to invest huge amounts of` money or employ an external agency.

Your staff and customers are an unlimited resource you can utilise – they can provide huge amounts of content you can use on social media.

They have informative success stories and valuable insights you can use to retain existing customers and help attract new business.

Recent Advancements in Medical Technology

If you have an interest in medical developments and advancements in medical technology, Life Medical Technologies believes it’s well worth continuing reading to discover some of the most fascinating breakthroughs in medical technology.

Recent advancements in medical technology:

1. The rise of less invasive screening innovations

While in the past being screened for diseases would often involve painful or uncomfortable, embarrassing experiences, in the near future expect to see invasive forms of screening for diseases made obsolete by new developments in technology.

As an example, the medical company Life Medical Technologies specializes in developing and selling diagnostic solutions which will identify breast diseases such as breast cancer. While women who are looking to be screened for breast diseases currently have to undergo an uncomfortable mammogram, in the future Life Medical Technologies plans on releasing diagnostic solutions which will allow women to be screened for breast diseases without any pain or discomfort.

In fact, Life Medical Technologies had already developed and released a diagnostic tool, which is less invasive than mammograms which is currently marketed under the name BreastCare DTS.

2. The rise of laser surgery as a popular surgical option

Laser surgery is becoming an increasingly popular option for patients who are required to undergo intricate surgical procedures. As an example, individuals who are required to undergo a surgical procedure in order to treat cataracts, which causes a loss of vision in individuals over the age of 40, are now able to opt for laser eye surgery. Which allows individuals to fix their cataracts in one appointment.

Better yet, as laser surgery isn’t as invasive as other forms of surgery, most individuals who undergo laser surgery of one form or another, are able to go home, 30 minutes after their procedure.

You may also be surprised to read that laser surgery is also used in dentistry in order to cut away gum, in order to work on the base of a tooth.

3. The rise in popularity of laparoscopic surgery

What is laparoscopic surgery and why has it become such a popular option, within such a short period of time? Instead of having to create large cuts in order to complete surgical procedures, modern-day surgeons now try and use laparoscopic procedures which involve using a series of tiny keyhole-sized incisions, to access their patients’ organs.

Some of the benefits of laparoscopic surgery include a much shorter recovery period for patients and less prominent scarring. Which means that individuals will be able to confidently continue on with their life without having to worry about covering up large, unsightly scars.

4. More technologically advanced prosthetic limbs

In the past, the prosthetic limbs which were available were cumbersome and could not simulate the feel of a real limb. However, in recent years the medical field has begun to produce prosthetic limbs which allow their users to walk as naturally as their friends and family members!

If the advancements in medical technology listed above are anything to go by, you can expect to see the medical industry grow in the near future!

GPS Tracker: The Hiker’s New Best Friend

There’s no doubt that hiking has come into a league of its own over recent years. Once upon a time it might have been seen as unfashionable and perhaps more suited to elderly people. Now, the situation is completely different, and the era of the Great Outdoors really has endorsed itself to the popularity of hiking.

While there are countless reasons behind the above, with governmental initiatives being one of these, something else which has aided its plight is the modern-day GPS tracker. Initially, these may have been reserved for logistics companies, but they have been adapted into wearable products and this has allowed a hiker to really reap the rewards.

Bearing this in mind, let’s now take a look at some of the ways in which these products have helped carry hiking to the next level.

They have made everyone love (or hate) statistics

One of the main reasons these products are so popular is because of their impact on statistics. Now, it’s possible to venture off on a hike and receive immediate feedback on how it has impacted your body. You will find how many calories you have burned, what your average heart rate is as well as countless other stats.

As we all know, we are now living in an era where our levels of fitness are scrutinized at every level. For those of us who really want to develop our bodies, finding out this immediate feedback on our hikes is invaluable for our progress.

Routes have now become more adventurous

One of the big risks for some hikers was that routes were starting to become boring. This wasn’t because these hikers lacked imagination; it was because they didn’t want to venture out into the wilderness where getting lost was a possibility, or even wandering into a somewhat dangerous area.

This is where the GPS tracker has come in and almost rescued the situation on its own. The fact that a person’s location can be immediately relayed to loved ones means that a greater degree of security is felt during these works, and this should not be understated.

On a slightly different note, any new routes that are attempted are documented on the tracker. This means that it’s easy to revisit them and ultimately, enjoy your walks a little more.

They have made life much safer

The previous point touched on this, but there’s no doubt that a GPS tracker really has made life safer for hikers.

We’re not necessarily talking about the risks of wandering into dangerous areas here either. Instead, it’s all about incurring an injury and being stuck in the middle of nowhere. Particularly for those hikers that ventured out alone, this was a significant risk factor.

Some might suggest that these people could just tap into their mobile phone to contact the emergency services. However, with most “adventurous” walks in remote areas, there’s every chance that the phone would be without any signal. As the GPS runs on different frequencies, this isn’t a problem and a person can be located regardless of their phone’s signal quality.

5 Tech Gadgets For Kids

Whether your child’s birthday is coming up or you’re simply interested in treating your child to a brand new tech gadget, continue reading to discover 5 high-tech gadgets, which your child is sure to love!

5 Tech Gadgets for Kids:
1. AmbyGear Smartwatch
The AmbyGear Smartwatch is packed full of educational games, which will keep your child entertained. Better yet, while your child is wearing their smartwatch, you’ll be able to track their every move using GPS. However, what makes the AmbyGear Smartwatch unique is that you’ll be able to ring your child at any time. As an added benefit, your child will also be able to contact you, if they get lost or feel scared.

If there are areas such as a local park by your school which you let your child explore on their own, you can set such an area as a safe zone, which means that you’ll be contacted the minute your child leaves the safe zone, which you left them to play in.

2. The Kano Computer Kit
The Kano Computer Kit allows kids to build their very own computer. Once your child has built their Kano Computer they’ll be able to learn how to create their own apps and can play a variety of games, which will teach them valuable coding skills.
3. Littlebits Star Wars Droids Inventor Kit
If your child is a huge Star Wars fan, they’ll love the opportunity to build their very own R2D2 android. Thankfully putting R2D2 together is child’s play as the Littlebits Star Wars Droids Inventor Kit comes with child-friendly, step by step instructions. Once your child has successfully built their new friend, they’ll be able to control R2D2 via a smartphone app.
4. Vivo Fit Jr
The Vivo Fit Jr is a child-specific activity tracker which tracks children’s sleep quality as well as how many steps they take per day and how many minutes they spend playing. If you purchase a Vivo Fit Jr device for your child, they’ll be encouraged to play for at least 60 minutes per day and will be rewarded if they meet this realistic target. Better yet the Vivo Fit Jr allows you to set up personalized activity goals and chores, which your child will be rewarded for fulfilling.
Lastly, the Vivo Fit Jr is waterproof and offers a wide variety of interchangeable wristbands. Examples of which include Disney themed wristbands, which your child will love.
5. Monqi Kids Smartphone
If you’re looking to purchase your child’s first smartphone, you may want to consider purchasing a child-specific Monqi Kids Smartphone. The Monqi smartphone allows you to control your child’s smartphone using an app on your own smartphone. As an example, you’ll have the option of turning your child’s internet access of at night or restricting the times of day which they are allowed to play their favorite smartphone game.

So if you’re looking to treat your child to a brand new gadget, it’s well worth considering purchasing one of the 5 highly rated kid specific tech gadgets listed above.