Shipping Container Pricing – Buying Shipping Containers on Sale

The right container can bring you lots of benefits and it would be better if you can get one at a very affordable price. Shipping containers are generally used in transport, shipping, cargoes, and housing projects. They can be customized in a lot of ways depending on their purpose.

Some people are looking to buy shipping containers or CONEX boxes for transport purposes. For more information about CONEX box, click this link here. While others prefer to make these containers as guest houses, garden sheds, homes, and other living spaces. Whatever your purpose in buying a container is, it is important to do some research first so that you can get the best deals available out there. You will be able to save more and at the same time, choose high-quality containers.

Here are some tips on how to choose containers for sale

  1. Know the Purpose of Why You are Buying Containers– CONEX boxes have a wide variety of uses. You should know whether the containers are for transport, long-term storage, business purposes, or housing needs. You can select the right container easily if you have a clear idea of what their purpose will be.
  2. Select the Right Size of the Container that You Need– There are a lot of sizes available for shipping containers. They can be 10 ft, 20 ft, or 40 ft. If you are looking for40’ storage containers for sale, know that they come in varying heights, lengths, and sizes. With this said, you have to know the size of the container which will fit your property. If you know the size that you need, it will prevent any future expenses that you can incur in returning a container that is too small or too big for a housing project.
  3. Make the Decision of Whether to Buy or Rent a Used or New Container– There are advantages and disadvantages of buying and renting. At the same time, you should decide whether you need new or used CONEX boxes for your project. Some of the models that are already used can be 50% cheaper compared to the newer ones. However, if you are in the shipping industry, you might opt for a brand new one so it will last for a decade or two. If your budget is limited, and you only need the container seasonally, then a used container can be an option for you.
  4. Make Sure that the Containers are Properly Inspected– If you are going to buy used containers and you are going to use them to store goods, then make sure that they underwent proper inspection. You might spend extra for damages, leaks, patches, and rust if you just accept any container from an online store without checking it properly first. Make sure that the containers are still in good condition, didn’t undergo any major damages while being transported at seas, or didn’t have any issues with vermin. The container that you are getting should be at least water and wind tight.
  5. Ask for the Container’s Age– The number of years in which containers can remain useful is about 10 years. Age is a very important factor when buying containers since some of them might have undergone extreme shipping histories. The containers that are more than 10 years in the industry might need heavy refurbishing. This is not a good option for people who want to save more and need the container for another decade. If you are planning to purchase a used CONEX box, make certain that a marine surveyor has inspected it properly. He should also include the expiry date along with the inspections that he made on a document.

Should You Get your Container Off the Ground?

If you already have the perfect container, the other question for you might have is: “Do you need to get it off the ground?”

When these boxes are built, all the steelwork consisted of blasting sand and undercoating to its surface to achieve durability. A thick coat of bitumen is applied to the floors so that the steel is protected from corrosion. “Corten” is the name given to the steel that is used in most containers. Corten has a very high tensile strength and it has lots of resistance to rust. The combination of bitumen and corten can result in a longer life of a container. Read more about corten steel here:

Some of the CONEX boxes have long side rails which are the back and the front rails. They have cross members that are welded with the longer rails in every 30 centimeters of their length and height. This can mean that in order for water to enter the boxes, it needs to be approximately 150 mm deep. The steel lattices have level measurements at the bottom of the container. This provides a 20’ x 40’ x 8’ footprint. With these measurements, the boxes are not likely to sink when they are on level ground. If you have a plot that is not boggy and reasonably flat, then there’s no reason to stack the containers by blocks.

Contact an Expert Who Can Answer your Other Questions

There are a lot of FAQs that consumers like to ask before they get shipping containers. If you want to know more about dry freight cargo, container doors, sizes, types, and availability, you just need to go to the right website for the information.

Other pieces of information that you might want to know are the following: delivery space, permit requirements, the location of the supplier, rental period, and overhead clearances. You should also be clear about the total payment including taxes and deliveries. If you are asking about the condition of the containers, ask if they are “one trip containers”, cargo worth containers, Used “AS IS” and Wind and Water Tight” containers, or modified ones. Getting these questions answered will give you a more reasonable expectation of what your container will look like and if there are refurbishments needed after you bought it.

As there are a lot of containers that are for sale online, look for legit manufacturers who are trustworthy. You can call an expert today, ask a few questions, and get the container that is perfect for your next project.


What are the Characteristics of 360 Feedback Process?

The 360 ​​degree performance evaluation is the method and it gives the chance to every employee to receive the performance feedback from their heads like: supervisor, peers, staff members, co-workers and clients. 360-degree feedback or comes from multiple sources, as like an assessment or performance evaluation tool that collects feedback from all who examine and affected by an employee performance. Normally 7 to 12 people are there who fill out form that is a comment form. The content of the form depends on the wide range of companies’ environment from a wide range of competencies to the work environment. The employee who receives the feedback also fills a complete self-assessment form; this particular form consists of the various components. This system helps the company to obtain a better understanding of every one’s strength and weakness.

The 360 degree performance appraisal is a process, and it is little different from company to company. However, every company follows the similar plan. Next, company recognizes the 360 ​​review timeline and gives a thought on ​​how long each and every step can take within organization. To communication of the 360 ​​procedure to the reassessment of the participants, use this program to develop company implementation plan.

1) 360 Communication: As mentioned above, it is very critical to communicate the process to all interested parties. Employee has to communicate the purpose of the 360, explain the process and how the comments will be collected and used. It takes 1 to 3 weeks to communicate the procedure only in-person meetings like meetings with employees, supervisors, managers and evaluators.

2) Selection of evaluators: The selection of evaluators is one of the main steps of the 360 ​​feedback process. Participants should choose sufficient feedback providers to make sure that the data is complete and appropriate. The number of qualifiers included will depend on the job function and the employee’s labor relations. It takes 1 to 2 weeks to choose evaluators, including supervisors, direct reports, colleagues and perhaps outside clients.

3) Distribution of surveys: The use of a 360 online comment system allowsemployees to distribute the questionnaires speedily. Participants receive the notifications by email with instructions on how to initiate and complete the 360 ​​comment process. At this point of time, participants give the questionnaires to the selected evaluators. Majority of time is only to distribute the survey. It may take1 week to distribute the survey.

4) Complete the questionnaires: In whole of the process, the longest stage is this because it is continuous until participants do not fill the whole form or complete the review. The duration of this step totally depends on the number of evaluators, the employee’s job function and the organization. It is strongly suggested that company have to set the deadlines at the beginning of the process, to ensure that all evaluators have completed their survey in a particular time. Itrequires 2 to 4 weeks to complete the feedback.

5) Produce reports: When all the feedback is completed, then their questionnaires and all the private reports are generated. According to the committed delivery plan of the company, the reports are sent straightforwardly to the participants or the outcomes are given in a one by one comment session. The use of an online system will allow the rapid production of detailed reports of 360 comments, from 1 to 2 days.

6) Facilitation of comments: It is suggested to organize confidential comment meetings for each participant that undergo revision 360. Feedback can be given in these sessions by the employee’s manager or by a coach. These meetings allow a better thoughtful of the feedback report and a chance to talk about the strengths and areas for enhancement. Depending on the depth with which you want the comments sessions to be, each meeting can take 1 to 2 hours per participant.

7) Complete the development graph: The creation of the development plan for each participant in the review is the core of the process. The feedback is gained from the 360 ​​evaluation becomes the root of a practical development plan. Review areas for improvement will recognize key areas of development for the employee. This gives the chance to employees to improve their skills by using opportunities such as training, workshops, conferences, training, mentoring, etc.To complete the development plan will take 1-2 weeks.

8) Reassessment: It is essential to set up a 360 degree feedback in particular organization as a process and not as a single event. To do this, employees have to clearly communicate at the beginning of the process that subsequent revisions will be carried out each year. The specific objectives and opportunities were detailed in the development plan; it makes logic to verify the progress of these elements. The reevaluation of the participants allows you to see if there have been changes and also provides the opportunity to receive new comments. The re-evaluations should be made between 8 and 12 months after the first 360 review

Majority of organizations who focus on employee development use the 360-degree tool to judge the performance and potential of the staff and allow them to plot their career pathway based on feedback/How 360 degree performance appraisal focuses on various factors of employee? Organizations get 360-degree feedback on an employee before making an important decision about the career of the professional.Feedback always play an important role in very employees life because increments, and higher positions all depend on the feedback, so if the feedback of any employee is not upto the desire standards, then there is no chance of any kinds of increments or higher positions. The result of 360 degree feedback is used by the employee who receives the feedback to plan the training and growth. Some organizations also use the results to make administrative decisions, such as payment or promotion. The 360 ​​evaluation is for estimation purposes and it is called “360 degree review.” 360-degree feedback is the most complete evaluation where feedback on employee performance comes from all sources contacting the employee in their work. This method is used in MARUTHI SUZUKI Motors and HCL also.

What Should A Manager Do After A Crisis Happened?

There are sometimes situations in which a crisis happens and the aftermath creates more damage for the business than what actually took place. This includes both crisis events that directly impacted the organization and those that did not, like a terrorist attack that took place in the city of operation. German Trujillo Manrique discusses the most important steps that have to be done after a crisis happened in order to be sure that everything is properly being taken care of.

Acknowledge The Crisis

It is really important to discuss a crisis with the entire team. You never know how someone was affected and you need to see if you can help. Even if the crisis was quickly managed and you think there are many employees that were not affected, you cannot be sure until you ask. At the same time, it is really important that you acknowledge the crisis since this is a sign that you are interested in taking responsibility whenever this is the necessity.

Take Action

Just take some time to do something in order to show that you are aware of what happened and the effect that the crisis caused. For instance, if we talk about the terrorist act example, you may want to schedule a minute of silence and encourage staff members to respond how they see fit. It is even possible to organize some sort of fund-raising activity that can support victims. When the business was affected and employees have to be laid off, you should discuss with those that remain since some of those laid off were most likely friends.

Be Accessible And Responsive

One of the worst things that you can do after a crisis happened is to never be around and not respond to what employees need from you. Every single person will respond in a different way. It is possible that some may need some time off and will want to ask if it is ok. Clear the calendar as much as possible and be sure that you are available following the crisis for at least a week. Encourage staff members to share thoughts and be open about the situation. Obviously, this only works if you are completely nonjudgmental.

Monitor The Media

Although the crisis is over, no matter what it is, you still need to see if the topic is covered in the media. This is true even if it was an internal event and you think nobody heard about it. Never underestimate the industry’s desire to create viewership. In the event that you notice something bad was said, you want to respond. This shows that you are on top of the situation even after the crisis.

Arrange Meetings With Team Leaders

Nobody expects you to be able to deal with every single individual in the event there are many employees that are supervised. This is why you need to arrange a meeting with team leaders so that you can discuss the situation and figure out a really good approach. At the same time, you have to make it clear what should be done in specific scenarios.

6. Meet with your team leaders to ensure that communication channels are open at every level within your organization, and people are encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings about the crisis situation. Reinforce the value of listening with compassion and the intent to understand. This is a time when visibility is critical, so encourage all supervisors and team leaders to spend time in the work areas, walking around and talking with their employees.

7. Be on the lookout for emotional aftershock. Sometimes this shows up weeks later, and can exhibit as unusual health-related challenges (headaches, twitches, breathing difficulties, etc.); increased emotional outbursts (anger, fear, guilt, depression, crying, etc.); or out-of-the-ordinary behavioral issues (suspicion, withdrawal, excessive movement, increased smoking, drinking, or other habitual behaviors, etc.). As you notice any symptoms, talk with the employee and, as appropriate, make them aware of any employee counseling assistance that is available.

By quickly and sincerely connecting with your people about the crisis situation, you not only help each person deal more effectively with their own reactions; you model the humanness of connectivity and bring your team together in a special way. In the end, the time you invest in supporting people through the crisis will reap huge benefits in terms of engagement, commitment, and productivity.

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Dock Square Parking Garage – Getting The Basics Right

Two of the biggest challenges for anyone who drives to work here in Boston,MA are the traffic which we must fight though each day, and then the parking situation. Whilst there is nothing that I can do to prevent the traffic, searching for a parking garage is something which I have dedicated a lot of time to. Now there are quite a number of parking garages around Boston, MA, but the majority simply don’t deliver. After much searching I found the wonderful Dock Square parking garage, a parking spot which just gets things right were others don’t, and here is how. 


One of the absolute basics which a parking garage should be able to provide you with is security, a place where you can leave your car, safe in the knowledge that nothing will happen to it in terms of any kind of damage or even theft. I have heard numerous reports from friends and colleagues who park in other garages in Boston, MA, which involve cars being scratched, broken into and in some cases, even stolen. This is something that Dock Square garage ensures doesn’t happen and that is why I feel so safe leaving my car there.  


There are many who run garages in the city who try to cram in as many cars as possible to their garage, which results in people being blocked in and of course increases the risk of damage to the vehicles. Dock Square are not greedy like many are and they have ample space in their garage for all sizes of cars, with plenty of space between each vehicle.

Customer Service

I’ll be completely honest and say that customer service is rarely something that I would look for in a parking garage but it is very nice when it comes your way. I park in the garage each day so of course the guys have gotten to know me a little bit, enough that they will stop and ask how I am or how my day was. This is such a nice detail and one which makes me feel very happy about leaving my car in their charge.


Here in Boston, MA there are a number of garages who don’t really have much competition and as a result of this little monopoly that they have, they think that this gives them the right to charge extortionate prices. Here at Dock Square however they have a genuine understanding for how much they should charge and I like that long stay customers like myself pay a little less per hour than short stay. Recently they have launched something of a loyalty scheme where you get a discount on every tenth stay with them.

This is a garage which isn’t only well priced and secure, but one which is very well located, very well managed and somewhere that you can feel completely confident about leaving your car there all day.

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eTargetMedia Reviews – The Benefits of Targeted Email Marketing

When digital marketing first began to find its feet it was email marketing which became an instant hit and many businesses saw the benefit of this style of marketing, my own included. As time went on however this marketing strategy became saturated and that meant that recipients of such promotional content were less likely to engage with or interact with the messages that they received. Last year I made the decision to invest once again in marketing for my restaurant here in Coconut Creek, Florida, and this time around I decided on targeted email marketing. There is a local company here in Coconut Creek, Florida and they specialize in targeted marketing like this, after reading the eTargetMedia reviews, I was convinced that this would work for me and it certainly did. If you are looking for a marketing strategy for your business, here is why targeted email marketing could be the answer.  

Higher Click Rate

As mentioned, the reason why email marketing failed was because the click through rate was so low that it simply wasn’t worthwhile. This is not the case at all with targeted email marketing and that is because you are sending this information to people who already sign up for things like this and for people who will be genuinely interested in what you are promoting.  

Less Unsubscribe 

When you start off with 1000 email addresses and after just a few months more than 50% have unsubscribed, you know that something isn’t quite right with what you are doing. When it comes to targeted marketing however, this figure is drastically lower, for the same reasons mentioned above. These people are more likely to be interested in what you are offering because of the way that they have behaved online in the past.  

Cost Effective

To compare targeted email marketing with traditional email marketing, one of the biggest benefits is that targeted marketing is far cheaper. The reason for this is because you are not sending out a huge blanket of emails, instead sending less emails but doing so in a smarter and more specific way. Email marketing was already one of the cheapest marketing options and targeted marketing brings that price down even more.  

Brand Growth  

We have become far more sophisticated when it comes to measuring our marketing campaigns and that goes for email marketing too. Something which many businesses who have opted for this marketing strategy enjoy is the brand growth which they see. This can be measured by how much a company is talked about on forums or on social media and the reason why this happens is because a great number of the people who have received promotional marketing from you, are interested in what you have to say, and far more likely to then go and spread the word.

This is a low cost and high return investment which can help you to boost sales and increase brand awareness, why not give it a go!

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Jared Seyl Farmers Insurance Expert on Why Insurance Companies Utilize Managing Agents

For Jared Seyl farmers insurance is what he has dedicated his life to and for someone who grew up surrounded by agriculture here in Greenwood, CO, it was the perfect career choice. Throughout the years he has become an expert on insurance as an industry and he has achieved the position of Director in his firm, heading up the team of advisors and seeking to improve his agency on the whole. Jared is also a District Manager for his firm and this is why he can be considered as something of a guru on this subject. Managing agents are a key position for insurance companies and to find out more we spoke to Jared, and here is why he says that so many insurance companies use these professionals.  

What is a Managing Agent?

To give you a brief description of what managing agent is, here is the official definition; 

“An individual or business entity appointed by an insurer to solicit applications from agents for insurance contracts or to negotiate insurance contracts on behalf of an insurer and, if authorized to do so by an insurer, to effectuate and countersign insurance contracts”

We can see from this definition that they are basically a sub-contractor who supports the insurance company.

Know How

One of the main reasons why an insurance company may outsource some of their contract work to a managing agent is because they have the know-how which will ensure that the job is completed to a high standard. Take farmers insurance as an example, most large scale insurance companies won’t have in-house experts for all types of insurance which they offer and they will focus on the most common forms. Farmers insurance won’t dominate the insurance company like auto insurance will, so they will outsource any checks and contract signings to an agent who is a specialist in the field.


Owing to this expertise the job can be performed far quicker when using a management agent. Couple with their expertise the managing agent will be hired for a single job and so they will not be focusing on other aspects of the business, meaning that they can give all of their time and attention to the particular job in hand. Insurance companies know that in hiring a management agent that the job will be handled in a swift manner.

The Gift of Time  

Insurance companies, much like any other business, will outsource tasks like this in order to free up time within the company. When they hire a managing agent they are safe in the knowledge that this job will be taken care of, which then allows them to focus on more important or more pressing issues within the company. Time is a rare commodity in business and so anything that can be done to gain time makes perfect sense, including the hiring of a management agent.

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Jeff Lupent: The secret mix of a successful CEO

If you have read the news recently, particularly in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota area, you may have heard the name Jeff Lupient. This is the man charged with being one of the most successful CEOs in the area; he has held high positions at some of the biggest companies in the region and is the current leader of Lupient Minneapolis.

With such an impressive CV to hand, it won’t come as a surprise to see that Jeffrey Lupient is regarded as something of a star amongst students who are looking to take to the business world. This is the reason today’s post has been pieced together and we will now take a look at some of the best suggestions that he has in relation to becoming a successful CEO.

Tip #1 – Be able to learn from the past

Jeffrey W. Lupient says this is one of the main techniques that should be adopted by any CEO who wants to increase his own value. Ultimately, we all make mistakes, but the best in the business are willing to learn from these and bounce back more strongly.

While some leaders might be regarded as arrogant, Jeff Lupient says this is something that should be avoided – particularly in cases involving mistakes. Be more than happy to own up to mistakes; it will help you and your business develop significantly.

Tip #2 – Evolve, and think outside the box

This is a problem that tends to affect leaders who are currently experiencing success and regarded as a star in their industry, according to Jeff Lupient MN. As they are already doing something good, it becomes hard to escape the routine and ultimately, develop something different.

Unfortunately, this can prove to be your downfall over time. If you don’t adapt, and think outside the box, as time progresses you will get left behind. The most successful companies around are those that are constantly innovating and just because something works now, it doesn’t mean to say that you should be looking to keep things as they are.

If you are the first in the market to do something, it doesn’t mean that this is the wrong option to take. You might be a market dictator, rather than a follower.

Tip #3 – Learn how to take calculated risks

Unfortunately, unless the situation relies heavily on numbers, this next tip is something that is often enhanced through experience. Something that Lupient Minneapolis have become renowned for is their ability to take calculated risks. This means spotting an opportunity, analysing the situation, and calculating whether going forward is going to reap adequate returns.

Unfortunately, success isn’t going to just come if you carry on doing the simple things. There will become a task where you have to make a decision – and the upshot of this decision will have a major effect on your company. You need to learn to have the confidence to make a tough decision and ultimately, make the right decision at this moment.

Facility Source Reviews Having Facilities Managers on Hand for Assistance

Time and again, Facility Source reviews how beneficial it is for businesses to outsource their facilities management. It seems that message is hitting home, since it is increasingly common for companies to do so. Indeed, it has proven to be a beneficial solution due to the many advantages that it can offer. Every company has particular specializations and they want to spend their limited resources, including time, on becoming more profitable and not on things such as the upkeep of a building.

Facility Source Reviews the Benefits of External Facilities Management Solutions

For years, companies have entrusted the management of their real property to outside organizations. These organizations offer a variety of services that are of importance. In so doing, businesses no longer have to worry about having proper solutions in place and they know that their properties are always in working order, as well as being safe for staff and customers alike. The best thing about a professional facilities management company, however, is that they don’t just jump in head first. Rather, they determine what each of their clients needs and how they can best offer strategies to help them achieve their goals.

Businesses have many different needs and they also have very different budgets. This means that it is important for an organization to calculate whether outsourcing offers them any value for money. In almost all cases, however, they will find that having experts on board with the right contacts to solve any problem in a quick and efficient manner offers a quick return on investment. Ultimately, however, outsourcing facilities management means that the business can focus on their core mission and value, while ensuring everything that makes that possible is properly managed.

When a business can concentrate on its core functions without distractions, they can become more efficient and cost effective as well. This means that, if a problem arises, they can simply pick up the phone or raise an online ticket and know that it will get resolved as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter whether the issue relates to their catering, cleaning, security, waste management, elevator functions, plumbing, electricity, or any other element of the business, it will be resolved very quickly. As such, outsourcing to facilities management companies frees up time and time is perhaps the most valuable resource that any business has.

Of course, it is very important that a business considers which facilities management company to outsource to. They must have proven experience and be able to offer the services that the business actually needs. This will take some time to review and it is vitally important that Service Level Agreements are put in place. Doing so means that, should the facilities management company not operate to accepted standards, the contract can be ended immediately and sent to someone else. A common way to set these Service Level Agreements in place is by asking companies to bid for the job, which is certainly a solution that businesses may want to consider.

Legal Services Which You’ll Be Able To Provide As An Attorney According To Ron Oze

If you’re fascinated by the legal system and are curious about some of the services which you’ll be able to provide as a qualified attorney, practicing in New York, Ron Ozer believes simply continue reading to discover a variety of common legal services.

Legal services which you’ll be able to provide individuals as an attorney:

1. Family law related services

An attorney you may choose to specialize as a family attorney, which means that you’ll be able to offer professional legal help to parents who wish to seek child support from their former partners. As unfortunately, some parents try to avoid paying child support, in order to provide for their offspring. As an attorney who specializes in family law, you’ll be able to ensure that parents don’t get away with avoiding paying their scheduled child support payments.

As well as helping single parents claim the child support which they are legally due, you can also assist parents in filing for legal custody of their children. In the event that a parent has reason to doubt their ex-partners ability to adequately care for their children and wish to file for sole custody of any children which they may share.

2. Hedgefund related services

Another service which you’ll be able to provide as an attorney is hedgefund related services. If you’re curious as to how you’ll be able to help groups start up legal hedgefunds, in order to invest their funds as efficiently as possible, as an attorney you’ll be able to make sure that each hedgefund meets it’s legal obligations. As an example, you’ll ensure that any profit which a hedgefund makes, is taxed.

3. Criminal law related services

Alternatively, you may be interested in specializing as a criminal lawyer. As a criminal lawyer, your main priority will be to assist individuals in fighting any allegations which may have been made against them. Examples of which may include DUI charges and misdemeanor charges.

One of the highlights of working as a criminal lawyer is having the opportunity to legally represent clients who you believe are innocent and have been wrongfully accused of committing crimes, which they didn’t commit.

4. Prenuptial agreements

Another service which you’ll be able to handle as an attorney is the preparation of legally binding prenuptial agreements. Which will help protect the assets which individuals accumulate before their wedding day, in the case of a divorce.

As without a prenuptial agreement in place, individuals who accumulated a large amount of wealth before their marriage may end up losing half of all of their assets. Examples of which include any property which they may have acquired before their marriage as well as any cash or shares, which they may have accumulated.

So if you are interested in training as an attorney, in order to provide individuals with some of the legal services listed above, it’s definitely well worth sending off an email to a college which specializes in teaching law, to request further information. As there is a huge demand for legal services in New York!



Patrick Lanning

Oregon’s education system has been one of the major topics in the State’s transformational agenda over the years. The state’s efforts, through various programs and initiatives and partnerships, have led to a significant improvement in the average rate of high school graduations in the past few years. This is an indication of the importance of commitment to achieving long-term success.

Having worked through comprehensive campus challenges for a combined period of 25 years, Patrick Lanning is no stranger to the value of commitment for transformational change. He is the Campus President for Yamhill Valley Campus and knows too well the challenges faced by Oregon’s education system and the efforts taken to mitigate them.

Mr. Lanning is an alumnus of the Oregon State University where he obtained a B.S Psychology, M.S Leadership Studies, and Ed.D. with focus on Leadership and Organizational Success. He previously taught as a faculty member at the Lane Community College and served for a combined 10 years on the College Executive Teams at Chemeketa Community College and Lane Community College.

The recent positive improvements in Oregon’s graduation rates are detailed in reports indicating the critical elements leading to the positive outcomes. The themes of relationships, equity and partnerships seemed to feature in all critical elements.

By fostering the formation of clear education pathways, students are more engaged in their studies as they see the relevance of their time in school. Oregon’s education system requires students to build an education plan each year starting 7th grade with the support of an adult.

The plan highlights the student’s strengths and helps the student to set goals and outline a plan they can use to realize those goals. Helping students and families understand the pathway from school to career may be Oregon’s best insurance that students understand why they are in school and work towards graduation and career, regardless of their social networks or family backgrounds.

Oregon uses quality data systems to engage each student and his/her support system to work together in ensuring the student graduates ready for college and career. Some of the measures implemented include providing real-time information about attendance and disciplinary action for poor behavior. For parents and guardians, access to such data allows them to have appropriate dialogue with the student. On the other hand, the student is empowered to take ownership of their success as they prepare for graduation.

Setting up an inclusive school culture has also proved to be particularly effective in increasing Oregon’s high school graduation rates. Strategies such as partnerships with communities and active parent engagement, restorative practices and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports(PBIS) have been instrumental in building a system that includes all students rather than pushes them out of the system.

Another significant project by the state of Oregon, the Small School Initiative has also achieved widespread acceptance and shown tremendous success. Overall, a combination of various initiatives, partnerships and collaborations by the State of Oregon and the community at large have led to a reduction in the opportunity and achievement gaps.