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posted 3 years ago

I purchased a yorkie pup from them a week ago. The day after I brought him home he was lifeless, vomiting, diarreah and not eating. We couldnt get him to a vet because it was the weekend. I refused to take him back because I did not feel that they would care for him properly and i refused to replace him only to get another sick dog. We took him on post to the vet that Monday and found out that his shot record was not legit, he tested negative for parvo but was infested with worms. I have him on antibiotics and starting him on immunizations this week. We were also told that he was too young to even have been sold. I am still furious about this!...Had we not gotten him in he would have died. I am going to do EVERYTHING in my power to have this business shut down. These little babies do not desrve to be treated like money bags and have their helath neglected just to make a buck...Nikki C.

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