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Feb 03, 2009 | By Toni G.

I've been having trouble with pet wars. I make my first choice and then a get a little blip and it goes through two sets of photos. So it is picking… more ›

Feb 03, 2009 | By Linda L.

I am getting irritated trying to earn points on here, but the site is not cooperating. Every time I click on an article, it takes up to a minute to lo… more ›

Feb 03, 2009 | By Amanda H. | 1

I've been trying and trying to get ALL of my pet lover friends to get on zootoo... seems so many just didnt know you had to get on daily! Just seems l… more ›

Feb 02, 2009 | By donna d.

I have always wanted to start over again and guess what?I can now with God as my TOTAL concern,he makes all things new and will and CAN turn your bad … more ›

Feb 02, 2009 | By John H.

I have to admit that I dont like it. Certain things were in bold face before and now they are in a faint blue. Not thrilled.

Feb 02, 2009 | By Kelly R.

I brought my camera to work like always and i got the cutest videos and pics of the animals i will post the rest tomorrow

Feb 02, 2009 | By Jennifer M.

I think that Zootoo is awesome for the shelters that are in need. My class at Clarkson Univeristy is doing as much as we can to get the Potsdam Humane… more ›

Feb 02, 2009 | By Anonymous

I just don't know how my husband and others max out the points at 274 every single day. I am lucky to get 200, and I have to use Jim's computer to do … more ›

Feb 02, 2009 | By Anonymous

Yeah, I'm a newb. This site looks pretty spiffy. Animals are cool an stuff. But yeah, I'll write another journal entry again because this one is sen… more ›

Feb 02, 2009 | By Stevecat511 | 20

Cabin fever sets in during the winter and we watch more television. (That is if we are not zootooing or working) I wanted to try something fun and … more ›

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