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Dec 05, 2008 | By Danielle G.

I'm definitely going to invite my family to join the site now. I didn't do it earlier cause they rarely use the internet, I mean really once every few… more ›

Dec 05, 2008 | By Theresa L.

Am I the only one who feels bad voting against someone's pet on pet wars??? I'm really LOL'ing at myself right now....

Dec 05, 2008 | By Anonymous

Did anybody else have problems with the site yesterday? It really moved slow for me yesterday. Since I am fighting an apparent bug I just gave up and … more ›

Dec 05, 2008 | By Gail | 3

I didn't get thaqt last entry posted in time. It was 11 minutes late, which means for the first time since I started Zootoo, I didn't get my full poi… more ›


Dec 05, 2008 | By DaGoalie

I just joined this site and ive got to say that this place is pretty sweet. Its awesome to hear from lots of other people about their pets and the iss… more ›

Dec 04, 2008 | By Amy M.

I mad it to zoophyte! that was the easy part. I dont have much time to get points with finals around the corner but i am trying!

Dec 04, 2008 | By ashly

just like booboo he wondered up onto ower yard and onemorning i woke up and my mom had this cat in my face and im think "that is not one of ower cats.… more ›

Dec 04, 2008 | By ashly

before i got lea i had another leopard gecko and she died from gout ,ok i kno what ur thinking reptiles get gout? my mom said the same thing we knew i… more ›

Dec 04, 2008 | By Ruth W.

I like the idea of ZooToo, and the fact that they make people compete for the money, because a good way to guage the shelters that are most worthy of … more ›

Dec 04, 2008 | By Ruth W.

My friends and I are all starting to get REALLY tired of ZooToo, but we all know we have to keep writing Journal entries and posting videos and such b… more ›

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