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Dec 30, 2008 | By Amherstbrownsbackers

We are having problems with the zootoo accouont and that we are loosing points! We discussed the pictures and corrected them but it is currently hap… more ›

Dec 30, 2008 | By Bob R. | 1

I haven't been doing many comments about the Pet News articles, because most of them seem to be insignificant. I really don't care if Prince Edward al… more ›

Dec 30, 2008 | By Robyn W.

Well, for the last week or so it seems like many of us have been having problems uploading photos. I've written to the zoo too tech support people tw… more ›

Dec 30, 2008 | By KentBrown

It is very hard to keep up with this site. It takes up a lot of time each day. I know it is for a good cause thats why I do it

Dec 30, 2008 | By Lauren B. | 3

I (in my opinion) have the best job in the world! There's always something new and exciting going on! You meet new and interesting people everyday. I … more ›

Dec 30, 2008 | By Susan P.

Is it a slow news day or too early in the day for news. Everything I see has been from yesterday. Naybe its end of the year other news worthy itms b… more ›

Dec 30, 2008 | By Susan P.

Some of the animals I have been seeing on Zootoo are strikingly beautiful, though all are cute. There are some that look like they are show dogs. Wo… more ›

Dec 30, 2008 | By kelly o.

Everyday i turn on zootoo i am losing points it is very frustrating i have taked to them and dont know y i am loosing them!!

Dec 30, 2008 | By Anonymous

Vary busy preparing to teach two classes at the university, in addition to my full time job at the Cherokee Heritage Center, plus I start Cherokee lan… more ›

Dec 30, 2008 | By Whickums

I took a couple of my own dogs and wanted to upload them before I head out to the shelter, but I never get the progress bar once I click 'upload'. I … more ›

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