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Apr 02, 2008 | By Melissa S.

Jamie emailed yesterday and told us she got a personal call of congratulations from Richard Thompson and they set a date for our shelter visit. O… more ›

Apr 01, 2008 | By Floridasheltielvr

I can't say enough about Precious Secrets Sheltie Rescue in Middletown, OH. These two women have poured their hearts and souls into rescuing any Shel… more ›

Apr 01, 2008 | By Anonymous

My thoughts. . . . I only registered VAP on here as a shelter because ZooToo was hosting a shelter make-over contest. When I called to register, I was… more ›

Apr 01, 2008 | By amy c. | 2

Our shelter has done everything to get in this contest. zootoo parties, 5 articles in different news papers, the radio stations, youtube, myspace, sch… more ›

Apr 01, 2008 | By Loretta B.

We live in Bloomington,IN. I think it would b great for our shelter to have a makeover. The shelter has great workers there. They are kind and caring.… more ›

Apr 01, 2008 | By Michelle R.

Congrats to all of you who have made it to the top 20! I am a very dedicated volunteer of Midwest Rabbit Rescue And Rehome! I am so excited t… more ›

Mar 31, 2008 | By Richard t. | 161

I'm excited to begin the Shelter Makeover Tour of the Top 20 shelter winners. It's going to be a great adventure. I am looking forward to meeting you … more ›

Mar 20, 2008 | By Laura G.

I'm bummed that our shelter's standing keeps dropping! There was an article in the local newspaper about the shelter makeover, about two weeks ago - b… more ›

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