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Apr 07, 2008 | By Monty411

I am writing to express my support for the makeover of the Voorhees Animal Orphanage. The shelter does excellent work in our community. Recently, a V… more ›

Apr 07, 2008 | By Pamela W.

Danbury Animal Welfare Society is a superb rescur facilty. The animals are save from all over, not just locally and are well cared for and retrain whe… more ›

Apr 07, 2008 | By Loracasil

I just want to say that I think out Washington County animal shelter really really needs the make over. We live in an area where we get lots of "drop… more ›

Apr 07, 2008 | By Kathleen k.

I think if you take a look at what Randy Grim has done in just a short period of time you will realize this is a multi-talented man, ready to work aro… more ›

Apr 07, 2008 | By JanCarmen

My name is Jannie and my whole family and I were rescued from a run down vacant garage in East St. Louis by Randy Grim, Founder and President of Stray… more ›

Apr 07, 2008 | By Anonymous

I let my dogs out to go potty about 4 a.m. every morning. On really cold nights, as I quickly usher my dogs in, I think about all the dogs living/sur… more ›

Apr 07, 2008 | By Phoebesmom2

I have been volunteering for Stray Rescue for over 9 years. I am one of a group called "the courthouse crew" that has been with Randy for a very long … more ›

Apr 07, 2008 | By Jojowhitski

I am so happy that our Rabbit shelter was in the top 20. I know everyone there works so hard that it would truly be a blessing for their animals get … more ›

Apr 07, 2008 | By Netsrik

The Jefferson county shelter needs a makeover due to the increase in the size of the community. The surrounding population has grown due to the growth… more ›

Apr 07, 2008 | By Charlynne D.

Why should Washington County Humane society win the makeover? That is an easy question. This shelter is a lifesaver for so many people. For yea… more ›

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