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Mar 28, 2008 | By CalvinsMom | 2

Well who knew that putting a lighter colored crate pad in there would make him actually go in? Animals slay me. Anyway, he's using it here and there… more ›

Mar 27, 2008 | By Rachel E. | 1

Ever heard of "Skin So Soft"? Well, this Avon product helps with doggie's dry skin and keeps fleas and misquitos away. After using a fave flea product… more ›

Mar 27, 2008 | By CalvinsMom

Well, we finally got the crate. It is like freakin' Fort Knox! The bad part...he's afraid of the hollow metal sound it makes and he scrapes his back… more ›

Mar 26, 2008 | By George G.

The only kind of food that my dogs eat is dog chow. It is good in nutrients and also gives them lots of energy to become strong and healthy dogs.

Mar 26, 2008 | By Kim M.

to let everyone know she is there, what a barker. If only she got paid to bark. I guess she keeps all the bad burglars away, so that is payment enou… more ›

Mar 24, 2008 | By Robin M.

Named after a Canadian skating for the Colorado Avalanche, this Naso Tang has grazed on algae and frozen Formula Two for the past three years.

Mar 24, 2008 | By CalvinsMom | 4

SO I got Calvin an Outward Hound backpack that is supposed to fit him according to the weight limit listed on the thing. It's too big though, I think… more ›

Mar 21, 2008 | By 2t

Tigger loves her Kong(S). She always runs to find one when I come home. Even if I have only gone out to get the mail!

Mar 21, 2008 | By Dogsandcats4us

7" orthopedic foam bed with gusseted side panels. Great for older or heavier pets! Cover is washable. Fine sage green berber fleece with Victorian tap… more ›

Mar 19, 2008 | By Amanda W.

Zazu has a lot of toys that he likes to play with. But his favorite is his double sided mirror and he rings the bell on and loves to whistle into in … more ›

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