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Apr 28, 2008 | By jessy s. | 5

I saw Oprah when she did her show on puppy mills. My heart was broken. My poodles have had puppies in the past and I had sold them to people I know. I… more ›

Apr 26, 2008 | By Sqeekergirl

If it takes national legislation to protect and defend our animals,let's get it going. Our dogs, cats and other animals sustain us with their warmth… more ›

Apr 25, 2008 | By Joanwcat

I have done a lot of cat rescue and have volunteered at a couple of animal shelters. It never ceases to amaze me how many people want to give up there… more ›

Apr 24, 2008 | By Domino3131

Most condos and many many apt are not allowed to have dogs. This is unfair as elderly people deserve to have a companion in their later years and th… more ›

Apr 24, 2008 | By JMWP

I know there are a lot of important issues that need to be addressed. However, the way animals are treated by some people, indicate how they treat … more ›

Apr 24, 2008 | By Willcox

I think everyone needs to take a stand and protect the one s that can not speak for theirself including the next president of the united states. I do … more ›

Apr 24, 2008 | By Patricia S.

I think that our political leaders should recognize that not all families are made up of humans. For many of us who do not have human children, our p… more ›

Apr 24, 2008 | By maresa f.

God only knows, animals need a strong advocate - and not just domestic animals. There are unspeakable cruelties perpetrated upon the helpless and voic… more ›

Apr 24, 2008 | By RA

I think Missouri is the puppy mill capital of the US. I'd love to see the next president, whoever that person may be, change the laws to prohibit thes… more ›

Apr 24, 2008 | By JandSMOM | 1

The best thing that animal lovers can do is vote for the conservative. Obama and Clinton go out of their way to say we're going to make rich people PA… more ›

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