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Aug 04, 2008 | By BDougher

Everyone seems to feeling well lately. Cuddles feels good and looks great. She gained about a pound since she last visited the vet and had that denta… more ›

Aug 04, 2008 | By Donna R.

Today was Lucky's first trip to the vet. He got neutered and recieved a rabies vaccination. For having that done he did quite well. He is now back hom… more ›

Aug 04, 2008 | By ChicoanVolunteer | 7

Juju has been a skinny kitty for a long time, but I think he's too skinny now... I can clearly feel his hip bones and is tucks up too much underneath… more ›

Aug 04, 2008 | By Moore4dogs | 3

Even if you don't have a dog of your own, this is important information that may save the life of a dog you know. This is true: more ›

Aug 04, 2008 | By MaxxieBrown | 16

Late last night or should I say early this morning, Max decided that he needed to go outside. I got up and let him out. When I let him back in I did… more ›

Aug 04, 2008 | By Kwgw2002

well my chihuahua princess has always looked skinny. she never gains weight and she eats. she is a really good dog. i just wish her ears would get bet… more ›

Aug 04, 2008 | By LEO S.

I have created a Petition at "PAWS COME WITH CLAWS" Located at under Petitions/Animal Welfare/Activist Petitions. Please visit c… more ›

Aug 03, 2008 | By Jessica H. | 5

I need your advice on a good vet in the area! I currently live in Lake St. Louis but would be willing to travel anywhere from Wentzville to some plac… more ›

Aug 03, 2008 | By Cherries33 | 36

In the last several weeks I've taken Lola back to the vet a couple of times for her heart murmur/cough. She's been given VetMedin for BP & heart and … more ›

Aug 03, 2008 | By Roxybearluv | 1

Roxy has this tumor on her arm and it is pretty big. My step-mom, Leah, has to wrap it with gauze and put some neosporin on it. While she's putting it… more ›

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