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Feb 23, 2008 | By Kristina D.

Well, in the ongoing saga of keeping my kitties healthy (which I'm sure to rant on later) I've been trying to get my senior kitties (Groucho and Sinat… more ›

Feb 23, 2008 | By Jamie C.

On Monday, I take my two babies to the vet to get spaded and neutered. I am so scared. They are going to stay over night and I am going to miss them… more ›

Feb 23, 2008 | By jane

My friend has put rubber stable matting in her old mares stable, and a new gelding that she's taken on. The mare (Bridie) seems very happy, theres … more ›

Feb 23, 2008 | By Ingrid

Spike has been favoring his left paw. I have checked it and there is nothing there. When he gets up from sleeping or resting he tends limp and sometim… more ›

Feb 22, 2008 | By Jamgmcamp

My Akitas are siblings and 14 years old. The vet knows them well, but I wish we could get them to go outside more easily. They're leary of the 3 step… more ›

Feb 22, 2008 | By Debbie S.

I took Lexi to her Vet yesterday to have her staples removed. She is healing nicely from being spayed. I am concerned though that they found a bare sp… more ›

Feb 22, 2008 | By Tess

I think one of my birds has scaley face. What I've been reading on it says that I need to take the bird into a vet. Any idea what this kind of thing… more ›

Feb 21, 2008 | By Laura

Well, it has been on week since Leslie died. Minx is doing okay. She is eating and drinking and that was my main concern for her initially was that … more ›

Feb 21, 2008 | By Bonnie G.

I love my precious pups so very much. They are like having more kids... They have been so wonderful to me... loving me unconditionally... even when I … more ›

Feb 21, 2008 | By Samantha

My dog Betsey had surgery just about one week ago to cut a large mass off of her "chest muscle". She currently has staples but is getting around just … more ›

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