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Oct 06, 2008 | By Anonymous

By Franny Syufy Did you know that the number one reason cats are taken to the veterinarian is related to urinary tract problems? It has become wid… more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By Monyca W.

I have a herniated disc and am stuck in bed. My dog Murphy takes good care of me. She sits by me in bed, even if I am in bed all day, she doesn't ge… more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By Nelson M. | 2

Lightning storms and heavy rain are beautiful... I find them romantic for some crazy reason, but it's just the different colors in the sky which forms… more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By Nelson M. | 1

I had a dog die of cancer years ago, and it is one of my big fears as my dogs age. A lump or mole on a dog sends many of us rushing to the vet's of… more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By Marsha Z.

I heard about a routine ultrasound for middle age to adult dogs to detect tumors and even fungal infections. These problems would go undetected withou… more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By Onyx122506

After spending the day at the beach, Onyx needed a bath. I bought this new oatmeal shampoo to try on her because she's been itching at her backend and… more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By Andrea D.

Well, Thunder has to go back to the vets today for a re-check. He seems to have 3 ulcers in his hiney butt that have a hard core and were bleeding la… more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By Wkutodd

My dogs feet smell like Doriots chips I think its so weriod, but my dogs feet smell like Doriots. I have asked other people to smell but they say no… more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By Sarah W.

I've been looking around and it seems maybe people have been talking about that their pet is acting strange latley or has Discharge so I thought I wou… more ›

Oct 05, 2008 | By Tawny N.

Cuda and I took a 4 mile bike ride on saturday.It is so nice that it is getting cooler out now and we can go out and do things like that. All summer w… more ›

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