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Oct 18, 2008 | By Sandy F.

Today was the first day of sweatshirt season for the pups. We went for two hour walk and with the short hair, i thought it would be good to wear a s… more ›

Oct 18, 2008 | By Ladycrone43

Holly has now been spayed and received her grown-up vaccinations. She played the poor kitty game the first night wanting to snuggle up to me and be c… more ›

Oct 18, 2008 | By Furnaceguy85

I have 2 zebra finches a male and a female. It's so important to make sure their cages are kept clean and that a clean bath is avaliable to them. A … more ›

Oct 18, 2008 | By Furnaceguy85

WInter is cold so animals should be kept inside. Please try to keep our animals safe by keeping them indoors.

Oct 18, 2008 | By Mferguson0405

With our economy in such a stressful state please help our animals by spaying or neutering your animals. It is careless of us to breed when there are… more ›

Oct 18, 2008 | By Mferguson0405

Please remember as Winter is near to report and suspicious activity to authorities. Come together and help any strays or animals in need. With the e… more ›

Oct 18, 2008 | By Marla W.

Yes ticks are unlikely to survive a wash cycle or dryer. So if your dog has them and goes on your bed. Throw the bedding in the washer or dryer.

Oct 18, 2008 | By Sue R. | 1

Katie had to have 3 teeth pulled today. They were broken and had exposed nerves. The vet said they shattered when he tried to extract them. Also sa… more ›

Oct 18, 2008 | By Gin F.

I had to take Lucy and Ricky to see the Vet yesterday. We now go to the SPCA in south Lakeland because our Vet closed shop and didn't let us know whe… more ›

Oct 18, 2008 | By Damianw | 1

Wash pet food bowls with soap and hot water after every use to help prevent food borne illness.

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