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Oct 31, 2008 | By SchnauzerFan

I am so happy that today marks 6 weeks since one of our dogs last had a seizure. It turns out the seizures were caused by food! Akuma had 7 seizures… more ›

Oct 31, 2008 | By Djmoser

Thanks all for the sweet potatoe treat messeges. I bought a big box full and am roasting daily. They just love them so much.Now i am assured that they… more ›

Oct 31, 2008 | By Anonymous | 3

My human always keeps me inside where it's safe, but I know that not all cats are so lucky. Tonight is Halloween and I'm afraid for my sisters and bro… more ›

Oct 31, 2008 | By Mar6cats | 1

Greetings all. Today The Washington County Humane Society participates in the third spay day. CORRECTION: 30 NOT 50 barn cats will be spayed/neuter… more ›

Oct 31, 2008 | By carol s. | 1

We are having a heck of a bout with upper respiratory problems at our shelter and with many of the young cats we are seeing at our clinic. Anyone with… more ›

Oct 31, 2008 | By Jesika H. | 3

My cat keeps throwing up. She can't help it and its completely spontaneous. She does it in random places (including my neck). It is white and it looks… more ›

Oct 31, 2008 | By Chris

If you dress up your chihuahua for halloween, choose a costume that doesnt limit their movement, hearing, sight or ability to breath or bark. be sure … more ›

Oct 30, 2008 | By Gail

You've made an appointment to have your male kitten neutered, but some doubt remains. Do male cats really need to be neutered? Will the surgery ca… more ›

Oct 30, 2008 | By Mark J.

Kitten season is underway. Unfortunately, we are receiving repeat litters because the mom was not spayed after her last litter. We are asking the pu… more ›

Oct 30, 2008 | By Joey S.

Hershey's manufactures a mulch called cocoa mulch. It is advertised to smell great (like chocolate) AND keep cats away from your garden. What it does … more ›

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