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Oct 23, 2008 | By Brandy D.

Hi everyone, just thought I would share I am going to be getting to witness horses getting their feet trimmed, I am so excited, I know it is silly to … more ›

Oct 23, 2008 | By Mary R.

We are shortly coming to an end of Ollie's allergy season and Glenn and I are so proud of her minimal irritation this year! We only had to give her h… more ›

Oct 23, 2008 | By Ladycrone43

Sassy is the brother of Bear who had the urinary problems I mentioned in the review of Science Diet c/d, and while Sassy has had a urinary infection f… more ›

Oct 23, 2008 | By Andrea D.

Well, my dear boy was neutered on Tuesday and seemed to be doing quite well. It's difficult to keep him quite, but he is doing a good job. I've check… more ›

Oct 23, 2008 | By Rod F.

Protect Your Dogs Health Dogs eating cat litter is dangerous. The cat litter can cause bowel obstruction with potentially fatal consequences. Talk to… more ›

Oct 23, 2008 | By Rod F.

Welcome New Cat Owners Being a new cat owner can be both exciting and scary. This journal will provide you with helpful tips to make it a pleasant e… more ›

Oct 23, 2008 | By Tessa

This was posted on the ASPCA website and I figured we could all use a reference! Top 10 Human Medications That Poison Our Pets Although pet pare… more ›

Oct 23, 2008 | By Chelsea H. | 1

I am currently foster a sweet baby named Daphne. She is believed to be a 12 week old doberman puppy. She was found by a lady on the side of the road a… more ›

Oct 23, 2008 | By Kimmycat13

Kitten season is always a reminder of how important spay/neuter really is. It is so tragic that there is not enough homes for every pet, and for every… more ›

Oct 23, 2008 | By Chris | 1

The Chihuahua is an indoor dog, and therefore is well suited to apartment living. You should not keep this dog outdoors, and you should bear in mind t… more ›

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