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Nov 01, 2008 | By Erin W.

So today we have two new foster kitties to care for, and boy do they look pitiful. Weepy eyes, runny noses, the works. But luckily they are very sweet… more ›

Nov 01, 2008 | By Jessica T.

If having an URI wasnt enough today was Frontline day at our house. Boy is Sneakers one ticked off kitty!!!!

Nov 01, 2008 | By Tarogirl

I have had cats before and never sneezed,but my Nani seems to have a different dander or something. It could be the air quality I hope. I love this ca… more ›

Nov 01, 2008 | By Nelson M. | 1

I wish that I had more time to walk and exercise my dogs. My one foster, Milo, is not exposed to new people, dogs, and environments enough but when h… more ›

Nov 01, 2008 | By Anonymous | 2

There are a few different ways to have your male dog sterilized. I am glad that you are thinking about neutering your dog. He will be happier, easier … more ›

Nov 01, 2008 | By Mary Ann P.

Study: Athleticism of Alaskan huskies is superior to most other mammals Discovery Channel Alaskan huskies that participate in the grueling Iditaro… more ›

Nov 01, 2008 | By Anonymous

beaner will is 4 mo old now and will be neutered on nov 14 so he can be in with cookie full time. he loves to visit with her but we do not want babies… more ›

Nov 01, 2008 | By Diane

By Dr. Karen Halligan Publication Date: 11/02/2008 The high cost of care may make you reluctant to take your pet to the vet. Home remedies can hel… more ›

Nov 01, 2008 | By Sandra R. | 7

We rescued Gabriel from the horrors of life in a shelter where no one cared about the animals. We fostered him for a while and then eventually adopte… more ›

Nov 01, 2008 | By Sarah

My dog Stormy is a minature schnauzer and the love of my life! My husband (whom I also love) have had stormy for 2 years now, and he's a little over 2… more ›

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