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Oct 20, 2008 | By Katie C.

So, I read that the common cause of recurring URI's or 'goopy eyes' in cats is herpesvirus, and that you can reduce proliferation of the virus by addi… more ›

Oct 20, 2008 | By jennifer r.

Dog lovers have no problem telling you why the dog is considered man's best friend. Loyalty, unconditional love, companionship and laughs. Any doctor … more ›

Oct 19, 2008 | By poodlelady D.

Well, he doesn't have any infections. Doc said the only reason he wasn't drinking was either lazinees or just was not thirsty. So, he had me put in a … more ›

Oct 19, 2008 | By poodlelady D.

When shadow last went to the vet for a broken dew claw nail, we talked about the soft mushy lump on the outer side of her left thigh. He said not to w… more ›

Oct 19, 2008 | By Anonymous | 4

After seeing a Dyson Ball (vacuum cleaner) commercial and thinking that their technology was perfect as a prosthetic limb for animals born with defect… more ›

Oct 19, 2008 | By Paula F.

Ten Best Reasons to Spay/Neuter Your Pit Bull 1. You love your dog and want him to live a long, healthy life. Spaying and neutering reduces the risk… more ›

Oct 19, 2008 | By M C.

Willow has such bright lil' orange cheeks! They contrast very much with his yellow face.

Oct 19, 2008 | By aurora p.

i can't say enough good things about dr. hatch at secaucus animal hospital. friendly, excellent bedside manner, and very rescue friendly, i highly rec… more ›

Oct 19, 2008 | By cindy b.

Tubby was spayed on Wednesday and is recovering well. Amber horn,the vet that did the surgery, did a wonderful job with her and we are very pleased.

Oct 19, 2008 | By cindy b.

Zoey has heartworms. We are very worried about her cause the treatment is so expensive. Hopefully she will be ok till income tax time and then we wi… more ›

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