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Oct 03, 2008 | By Emilykromm | 1

well to day didnt turn out like i thought it would i took my cat to the vet for a check up and found out that she a lump on her leg and they need to m… more ›

Oct 03, 2008 | By Diane

Veterinary project to spay, neuter cats is funded by anonymous donation By Katie Byard Beacon Journal staff writer POSTED: 02:22 p.m. EDT, Oc… more ›

Oct 03, 2008 | By Diane

STEVE DALE, Freelance Published: Wednesday, October 01 The Feline Health Center at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in Ithaca, N.Y.… more ›

Oct 03, 2008 | By Loishill

It's that time of year when you cut back on feeding the koi. They get more lethargic in the colder water, and don't eat as much.

Oct 03, 2008 | By Anonymous

I just thought I would write a little something about Halloween safety for our pets. I started thinking about it when I saw a young black cat in our n… more ›

Oct 03, 2008 | By LoriHill123

My aunt told me something I had never heard. If your kitty really stinks at the behind, his anal glands are clogged. It is a simple procedure to gen… more ›

Oct 03, 2008 | By alissa o.

My little ann seems to be getting better. her right eye looks great today. I am hoping it stays that way. she is starting to get some spunk back. … more ›

Oct 03, 2008 | By Amykady

Jarry is doing so good now. He was treated for a kidney issue, and we were giving him fluid twice a day, and now he's down to once a week, he has put… more ›

Oct 03, 2008 | By MaxxieBrown

I don't know what time Martha Stewart comes on in your timezones. On the east coast it is just about over, but for the rest of you, great show about a… more ›

Oct 03, 2008 | By Joyce

Bailey did real good, getting her stitches out. Doc says it looks real good. She gained 2 pounds, which is good. and she walked on her chain real good… more ›

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