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Nov 25, 2008 | By Anonymous

I watched the "TODAY SHOW" this morning and they announced that a segment was coming up with shrimp on a treadmill. Well that held my interest !! I'… more ›

Nov 25, 2008 | By Diana L.

Make sure you prepare your pet for emergencies, go to: It is always a good idea to be prepared for an emergency and your pet needs… more ›

Nov 25, 2008 | By Tiffany B. | 4

I'm still worried about my kitten Eva. When i first got her she was in bad shape. she had so many problems,(worms, fleas, earmites, eye problems.) i t… more ›

Nov 25, 2008 | By Chitown

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary has 3 GREAT color spay/neuter posters you can download, print, and hang in your shelter. Visit, then scroll down: bestfr… more ›

Nov 25, 2008 | By Anthony G. | 1

I need to practice what I preach on this one. I think that we really should get into the practice of washing our hands and arms, and our faces if we … more ›

Nov 25, 2008 | By Joyce

It was time for Bailey to get her shower. At first, she wasn't to happy. But with praise and kind words, she did really good. She smells 100 % better.… more ›

Nov 24, 2008 | By Stacy J. | 2

Hootie, our longhaired black cat, had his eye removed this week. He had an infection in it when he was a feral kitten and already had impaired vision… more ›

Nov 24, 2008 | By Jenny H. | 1

My cat Petunia had to go to the doctor(see last journal post). They found out that her anal glands were swollen, so they disempacted them, and she is… more ›

Nov 24, 2008 | By Ahb

Today was the day. Beaner had the abscess on his head removed today. Poor guy. :( At least now it is all over! He also received his 3 year Rabies va… more ›

Nov 24, 2008 | By liza g.

my dog is a collie and he is ilergic to grain. So we have to give him special food so his skin does get real bad. his skinn is real bad alot. he has … more ›

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