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Nov 21, 2008 | By Linda P.

I am getting on in age now, and have some problems getting around It is hard to get on my favorite sleeping places, but my mom helps me. I don't lik… more ›

Nov 21, 2008 | By Jenna | 3

After watching what Gus went through, I want to make sure no other animal I know has to deal with that. My parents have a cat and I was wondering wha… more ›

Nov 21, 2008 | By Wendy W.

My poor Pressy. He suffers from allergies and is on Benedryl most of the late summer and all of fall. Sometimes it turns into a secondary skin infec… more ›

Nov 21, 2008 | By Ric O.

We moved from Washington State last year, coming to a warmer clime we thought. The humidity here makes it feel colder than a normal 20 degree day ther… more ›

Nov 21, 2008 | By daryl b.

well the pnumonia is gone i felt good for one day but now i have a very nasty cold with horrible runny nose and all.i had just let the boys back and n… more ›

Nov 21, 2008 | By Ric O.

We lost one of our cockers to Brown Recluse spider. We have an older cocker (14) that we almost lost over the Labor Day holiday to a Brown Recluse. In… more ›

Nov 21, 2008 | By Michele B.

Looking for some advice here. I have three cats (all rescues, all strictly indoor kitties). Two females and one male (all "fixed"). They share one … more ›

Nov 21, 2008 | By Pia S.

CATS · For felines who are still spry when the sun goes down, rather than placing their meals in a bowl, hide little pieces of kibble around the h… more ›

Nov 21, 2008 | By Pia S.

I recently found a lovely videotape of my two Golden Retrievers. A smile came to my face upon seeing this happy-go-lucky pair of “golden oldies… more ›

Nov 21, 2008 | By Sharon H.

Brought Bootsie to the vet for her CRF checkup. Her bloodwork was within normal range w/ only 100 ml of sub q's weekly. She is an amazing cat. She did… more ›

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