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Nov 21, 2008 | By Cindi V. | 1

Well Onyx finally went to the Cats Meow to get her ears checked because they have been bothering her and she won't let me near them. She has an infect… more ›

Nov 21, 2008 | By Dmvannucci

Rufus, our 16 year old boy, weighs 18 pounds as of the last vet visit. My kids have provided many nicknames for him in his honor, such as Sir Eats- A… more ›

Nov 21, 2008 | By Jessica Plauche H.

Can barely think straight - headache. Michelle is talking to me about Christmas trees. Christmas trees - already. I haven't had a tree in about 5 o… more ›

Nov 21, 2008 | By Leah l.

Fat Sally fell head first down the stairs today :( it's taken us almost 2 years to get her confidence up to where she will actually go up and down the… more ›

Nov 21, 2008 | By Ragdollkitties

Cold weather is upon us which means that snow and ice might not be too far off in the future. We get a lot of snow in northern NJ (compared to centra… more ›

Nov 21, 2008 | By Emily S. | 1

The two cats - Milo and Guffie - have come down with the sniffles. Little sneezes here and there, sometimes big sneezes that you'd expect to see giant… more ›

Nov 21, 2008 | By Kate H.

Consider the following factors when determining the frequency at which you groom your cat: The length of your cat's hair In general, cats with l… more ›

Nov 21, 2008 | By Kate H.

How many of us put off trimming our pet's nails until the inevitable veterinary check-up comes around and the veterinarian must do it? It is important… more ›

Nov 21, 2008 | By Linda P.

I am getting on in age now, and have some problems getting around It is hard to get on my favorite sleeping places, but my mom helps me. I don't lik… more ›

Nov 21, 2008 | By Jenna | 3

After watching what Gus went through, I want to make sure no other animal I know has to deal with that. My parents have a cat and I was wondering wha… more ›

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