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Nov 30, 2008 | By Remmik

Baxter's ear did not fill up again, but it has much scar tissue from the insertion of the drain so his one ear is shorter and curlier than the other. … more ›

Nov 30, 2008 | By Ginger H.

So there is much to give thanks about this yr but I htink I just wanna be appreciative of the fact that I got to indulge in the 2 different thanksgivi… more ›

Nov 30, 2008 | By lorraine B.

Antifreeze is a common poison. It has a sweet taste and pets will consume it readily. A little more than 3 tablespoons could be lethal for a 22 pound … more ›

Nov 30, 2008 | By Diana L.

Chocolate contains theobromine which is not metabolized by dogs. Even in small quanities it may be toxic: Some symptoms are severe vomiting or diarr… more ›

Nov 30, 2008 | By Dstrykr

Volunteering at the shelter so much, I haven't been able to ride much lately. But as my old saying goes, don't bring the saddle to the horse, bring t… more ›

Nov 30, 2008 | By Nicky R. | 2

I was trying to trim my rabbits' nails the other day. I wrap him up in a blanket and one paw at a time, I clip his nails. I can see the quick fine s… more ›

Nov 30, 2008 | By Paswiss

Angela isn't eating--"grandma" is away on vacation and the puppygirl wants her human back. I had to give her all human food for supper just she would … more ›

Nov 29, 2008 | By sandy K.

buddy and bella played like nothing today. sometimes i think they got a little ruff bcs their teeth really showed. no yelping though. i wish they wo… more ›

Nov 29, 2008 | By Chris G. | 2

So last night I started to get a sore throat. It wasn't too bad until I went to bed and I couldn't sleep through the night because I could barely swal… more ›

Nov 29, 2008 | By Crttrs | 1

Did you know.... The rough center of a cat's tongue has no taste buds. It's used primarily as a grooming tool and good grater. ...... Cat's don't have… more ›

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