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Dec 03, 2008 | By Maria S.

Midas and Beatrix are doing their part to help control the pet population in Chico. Today is their spay/neuter day. They will be gone for a day and … more ›

Dec 03, 2008 | By Jessica S.

Jojo's paw got infected again this weekend. It has happened on at least two other occaisions. Once, she had to get it drained and the other time ant… more ›

Dec 03, 2008 | By Anne B.

Oreo has an ear infection in each ear. He had one in one ear a few weeks ago, that cleared up and now he has 2. He went to the vet and got fixed up.… more ›

Dec 03, 2008 | By LynnAnne1056

Thank you to all who have taken the time to answer my question regarding off leash aggressive dogs approaching my leashed dog. The answers were all v… more ›

Dec 03, 2008 | By maria h.

We adopted Rosie from the Humane Society.When we brought her home, the first thing we did was offer her food which she gobbled right up.And she kept o… more ›

Dec 03, 2008 | By naneki26 k.

I spent all day yesterday at the center. I was just amazed at how awesome the people in treatment were as well as the nurses. The most fun thing I saw… more ›

Dec 03, 2008 | By Anne E.

I have joined this site to help my local humane society (MAKEOVER IS NEEDED!), but as a veterinarian, I want to emphasize that while a public forum is… more ›

Dec 03, 2008 | By marcia h.

Last night I went to the barn and all the horses were covered in mud. My boy Luke ( who I sometimes call Pig Pen because he loves to roll in mud )… more ›

Dec 03, 2008 | By Tommy m.

last year at this time Zippo had a cold. i felt so bad i took care of her every day, she lost a lot of weight. i had to force feed her. it was sad an… more ›

Dec 03, 2008 | By cindy-lou J. | 2

My cats not only want to eat any live plants but chew on some of the silk ones too. So I have to be careful. All of us certainly don't need any emerge… more ›

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