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Nov 12, 2008 | By Jackie P. | 1

I had my teeth cleaned today and one tooth pulled. Wasn't a very fun day for me. But my brother had his anal glands removed and his butt looks more … more ›

Nov 12, 2008 | By naneki26 k.

So my Boxer boy is all well and ready to romp again. Going to take him up to his favorite field and try to get a video of him running,but I think he i… more ›

Nov 12, 2008 | By marie s.

Holly, Kelley, Simba and Dakota just got back from a nice walk around the neighborhood. The girls are napping now and the dogs are resting too. I went… more ›

Nov 12, 2008 | By mARY ANN M.

Darius is one of the lights of my life. I adopted him from the Chicago Ridge animal shelter as a friend for Thumper, my Californian I rescued when … more ›

Nov 12, 2008 | By Anonymous | 10

I started noticing about two weeks ago that my boy 'Seven' (named to counter the black cat mystique) was acting funny and looking disheveled. He wa… more ›

Nov 12, 2008 | By patrizia b. | 4

Poor Dina has got an ear all red ! Already yesterday she was annoyed when I took her collar off, but I did not care too much about it, but this morni… more ›

Nov 12, 2008 | By Mary G.

I have long been opposed to parents harassed and harangued by their kids giving in and purchasing "nontraditional" animals such as parrots, baby chick… more ›

Nov 12, 2008 | By Janet R.

Have a meeting this evening, so I will go the shelter early so that I can visit some of my favorite dogs and get a chance to walk those that most need… more ›

Nov 12, 2008 | By Becca B.

I brought home Cassie as a foster two weeks ago and decided in a few days that she would be a permanent member of the family. So, with that I made t… more ›

Nov 12, 2008 | By Kate H. | 1

Starting a saltwater aquarium is a task that can be fun and rewarding, or devastating. It all depends on if you put it together well where it provides… more ›

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