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Dec 11, 2008 | By Anonymous

Duffy is at the Cancer Clinic at OSU until Monday or Tuesday. A battery of tests, including a CTScan, means he has to stay for the weekend. The second… more ›

Dec 11, 2008 | By GeneWeyer

Brighty goes to the vets Saturday to get the latest round of lumps checked out. Hope it isn't anything too serious!

Dec 11, 2008 | By Meghan M.

This morning bout 6:30 my lil Pixie had a seizure. It lasted several minutes. She snapped out of it, but I could tell it drained her strength. I took … more ›

Dec 11, 2008 | By Rinthea S.

This little midget cat has the heart and soul of a kitten but has the health of an old lady! Here respitory infection is better but still not gone! … more ›

Dec 11, 2008 | By Kelly K.

I just read about a guy hitting two ducklings with his car because he was in a hurry. This made me think about all of the times I have slammed on my b… more ›

Dec 11, 2008 | By Jrayburn

Mo went to his vet check up yesturday and the vet said that he is very healthy. He also got his rabies vaccination

Dec 11, 2008 | By KentBrown

Make sure you are checking on your dogs if they are outside dogs. They need shelter food and water. Its cool and we want to make sure that they are b… more ›

Dec 11, 2008 | By blackandwhite

Boy, the cloudy days of Ohio winters can sure leave a person somewhat "blue", but I'm surprised to see my dogs reacting the same way. I'm not sure if… more ›

Dec 11, 2008 | By Josh C.

I talk with officer Sabin yesturday and she is going to show me how to do vaccination for my animals to cut down on cost. I am looking forward to lear… more ›

Dec 11, 2008 | By Josh C.

Big Mo went to his free vet check up last night and go a clean bill of health. He also got is rabies shot so he is good to go.

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