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Nov 23, 2008 | By Chris

What is FLUTD? Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) is the name given to a complex of urologic medical conditions in cats including Cystitis (i… more ›

Nov 23, 2008 | By SavannahSpring

i have a hermit crab and i have had her for about 4 months. she recently molted a few weeks ago and made it through fine. i researched molting and it … more ›

Nov 23, 2008 | By Kate H.

Number one, this should be fun for you and your dog. Be upbeat and take things slowly. Do not overly restrain your dog. Keep sessions short and positi… more ›

Nov 23, 2008 | By Kate H.

Brushing your cat's teeth should not be a chore for you or your cat. Instead, it should be an enjoyable time for both of you. If you take things slowl… more ›

Nov 23, 2008 | By melissa f. | 2

Not so much a problem, just a little incedent. So, we got this new little kitty, that was adopted from a local shelter. We had her almost a week… more ›

Nov 23, 2008 | By Gail | 2

Today Oliver got to go see Dr. Goos and I don't think he will be in any hurry to go visit him again any time soon...Oliver has not had a B.M. in almos… more ›

Nov 23, 2008 | By Janet M. | 1

Housing dogs in kennels induces substantial stress. This will be especially true if the dogs previously experienced close social contact with people … more ›

Nov 23, 2008 | By Jessica Plauche H. | 2

Hello again - Jacques C. Harris here. Had quite a fright last night, although the "people" did not comprehend (they rarely do). How to express the d… more ›

Nov 23, 2008 | By Nelsonrox1212 | 4

We have to stop greyhound racing! They force the greyhounds into a tiny cage. They dont really feed them o give them water and the greyhounds die on t… more ›

Nov 23, 2008 | By Bonzosmom

The first time Dusty needed a blanket took me by surprise. I did not have a blanket that would fit a standard donkey. What to use? Well, I had an o… more ›

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