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Dec 27, 2008 | By Dstrykr

My poor cats are having trouble with upper respiratory infections, runny noses, sneezing and just not feeling well. Today Cooper went down. I just n… more ›

Dec 27, 2008 | By SueJeftam | 1

Okay, I'm now using Iverhart. It is less expensive then just about any heart med out there. My vet says it's good. I sure she is right.

Dec 27, 2008 | By Wpras

Most elderly dogs and cats suffer from arthritis in one or more of their joints this may cause them to slow down. Animals are very good at hiding pain… more ›

Dec 27, 2008 | By Chris

In the event your cat or dog is shivering and/or lethargic after a few minutes back home -- put him or her under a light blanket and call your vet. … more ›

Dec 27, 2008 | By Chris

Check ears, nose, tail and, of course, paws. The afflicted area might turn gray, then red as it thaws, and black a day or two later as it worsens. The… more ›

Dec 27, 2008 | By Chris

* Windchill is more important than temperature. * Clothing is not optional in many cases. * The dangerous threats are frostbite, hypothermia and… more ›

Dec 27, 2008 | By Chris

An essential "must have" for pets during cold climates when you're concerned about protection for dogs during winter, you have to look to the pros. T… more ›

Dec 27, 2008 | By Chris

Tongues on objects can freeze in seconds in cold weather and your pet's tongue on a metal dish left outside is NO exception. Switch to using a plast… more ›

Dec 27, 2008 | By Chris | 1

1 Tbsp. baby food vegetables and meat (no onions!) 1/2 tsp. melted butter 1/8 tsp. ground psyllium husks -- available at health food stores 1/8 tsp… more ›

Dec 27, 2008 | By Madisoncali

I live in Minnesnowta, and have a couple of dogs who, try as they might, can't quite stand to go for a 'walk' in 30 below. I taught my cattle dog mix… more ›

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