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Jan 04, 2009 | By Julie W.

My senior dog AJ (15) has developed a patch of dry skin on his nose. It looks like he stuck his nose in mud and it dried that way. Recently we've be… more ›

Jan 04, 2009 | By Amanda T.

so, i have noticed that when i take trooper outside lately, he kind of skips around and tries to stay off of one foot at a time. it's usually one of … more ›

Jan 04, 2009 | By jack m.

i have recently relized that chippy has been more and more tired. im geussing its because hes three because that is old for hamsters!

Jan 04, 2009 | By Annie H.

So, all of the sudden, my mother's fish tank turned all cloudy. We didn't add anything to the tank recently and the filter was clean. But it turned … more ›

Jan 04, 2009 | By Jennifer B.

I hope that all zootooers, try their best to avaoid using products that are tested on animals.

Jan 04, 2009 | By Rinthea S.

4:00 am after taking a double dose of pain medication Salty starts shaking his crate left and right left and right Not in time I wasn't! He had di… more ›

Jan 04, 2009 | By Lara W. | 1

So I'm a huge sucker for "As Seen On TV" things. I've wanted a magic bullet since the first time I saw the thing on TV and my parents fell victim to b… more ›

Jan 04, 2009 | By SavannahSpring

This morning yodi went out side to potty and upon returning he began to develop bumps under his skin. I have no idea what he got into or what it was t… more ›

Jan 04, 2009 | By Meg S. | 4

I have never enjoyed structured exercise. It makes me feel better and I know I need to do it but I still hate it. I am trying hard to continue my mi… more ›

Jan 04, 2009 | By Abbie

I wish I knew of an easy to give a shot to a foal. I went to give our 7 mo old colt a shot and he wouldn't hold still after I put the needle in. (can'… more ›

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