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Jan 06, 2009 | By nanette C.

Tomorrow, 1/7/09 we take 4 pups to get spayed and neutered. What makes this so special is that these pups were starving, full of parasites, and dying … more ›

Jan 06, 2009 | By Dr. Joyce B. | 1

The John Robbins videotape called "Diet for a New America" is a good one to show the pollution that big agribusiness (the meat industry) causes--as I… more ›

Jan 06, 2009 | By Sue O. | 1

New Years was a tough morning. Waking up to the strong possibility that we had brought some sickness to our home when we picked up the three adorable… more ›

Jan 06, 2009 | By Bluemoon298 | 1

I've been thinking a lot about pet insurance lately. When adopted got our cat, he was about 6 months old and had a bad kitty cold. After recovering, I… more ›

Jan 06, 2009 | By nanette C.

Tomorrow's a big day. 4 of our dogs (People-4-PAWS) are going to be spayed and neutered. I'll have a houseful tomorrow night as I care for them while … more ›

Jan 06, 2009 | By Angel S.

Today I took Sam to get neutered. I felt so bad leaving him today. When I came to pick him up he looked alert and fine. But as the night wore on he be… more ›

Jan 06, 2009 | By Gerard M.

on the way and starting. Walking the dog will be an adventure tomorrow. Maybe he thinks so too.

Jan 06, 2009 | By Bellacat3

A long time ago, I read a book written by a cat behaviorist living in New York. The book changed the way I look at cats forever. In the book, she talk… more ›

Jan 06, 2009 | By Scmar65 | 4

My farrier came out today to trim the horses hooves. He called yesterday evening to remind me and ask if it was okay if he came out early and brought … more ›

Jan 06, 2009 | By Karen H.

We've been shampooing Shadow with Malaseb shampoo trying to clear up her flaky skin but it wasn't working. So I took her to the vet today and she has … more ›

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