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Jan 16, 2009 | By R.T. F.

While I was standing and conversing with one of my coworkers, a red spider looking thing fell onto my arm. When I asked what it was, he informed me t… more ›

Jan 16, 2009 | By Caly L.

I had the most fascinating experience a few days ago. For the first time ever, I was able to share my work of Reiki and The Journey(tm) with a horse!… more ›

Jan 16, 2009 | By Tiffany C.

It has been very cold here. With the wind chill factor it has been in the negatives just about all week. Last night was one of the coldest, so I was v… more ›

Jan 16, 2009 | By Elaina | 2

I have heard of both people and pets being injured during Wii play. The game is great but it requires physical movement and people and pets have been … more ›

Jan 16, 2009 | By Debbie L.

I travel back and forth to work on a two lane highway traveling 55 - 65 mph. It sickens me to see all the dead animals on the side of the road. Yest… more ›

Jan 16, 2009 | By Bonzosmom

It was minus 7 here this morning. But it looks nice out there with the sun shining. Maybe this is why the pups do not understand why they can't go o… more ›

Jan 16, 2009 | By Monicap | 2

this morning doc was drinking water, yay. then i followed him to the boz, he did struggle some, but did pee quiet a bit. hopefully hes on the road to … more ›

Jan 16, 2009 | By Jodi S.

First, her name is apparently "Guffey", but I think that looks amazingly ugly, so no extra vowels for me. We've spelled it Guffy throughout the years… more ›

Jan 16, 2009 | By Michaelyn

My new fosters have fleas. I am hoping I caught it in time, so I don't have to fight them on all pets.... I use the pill form on my other dogs and t… more ›

Jan 16, 2009 | By Wendy H.

My dog is part husky but I worry about her when she prefers to stay outside for so many hours.She is 15 years old.

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