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Jan 23, 2009 | By Meg S. | 3

No- I am not talking about me, but that is a possibility. Sophie's hips are getting worse. She gets a buffered aspirin every day which really helps h… more ›

Jan 23, 2009 | By Kelly C.

We're lucky down here not to be covered in snow, but the plants still go dormant. If you are not careful about pasture management, you will end up wi… more ›

Jan 23, 2009 | By debbie l.

I watch alot of animal cops on animal planet.They always seem to have animal hoarders.I always feel sorry for the animals,but I feel even more sorry f… more ›

Jan 23, 2009 | By KCsMom

i love all the repsonses and the concern for our dear friend Blanche...thank you all so much for the help! She will be very happy when her house sme… more ›

Jan 23, 2009 | By Joyce | 3

Keykey is feeling much better now. Today he even played with Bailey again. He is back to his old self. I'm so glad, I was so worried. My poor kitty

Jan 23, 2009 | By Heidi

Max is in my room as I type this out, having pups. I got her from school when she was just old enough to leave but, I guess one of the brothers raped … more ›

Jan 23, 2009 | By Janet

I have to wait until Monday to ride. I thought I would be able to ride tomorrow, but the doc says I need to wait another couple of days.

Jan 22, 2009 | By Pam N.

Had several sickies at the shelter today. Seems diarrhea was common and those darn sniffles and runny eyes. All got put on medicine and/or different… more ›

Jan 22, 2009 | By sharon m.

stranger went to see doc today. had blood work. may be his kidneys, but may also be a hairball. they gave him IV fluids. will know results in am. But … more ›

Jan 22, 2009 | By Sue O.

tattooed fish? I was looking at fresh water fish and saw white fish with red and blue spots...then some with hearts! I can hardly believe that PITA … more ›

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