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Jan 19, 2009 | By Anne Z.

I find it very hard to keep Heidi quiet like the vet says she needs to be kept. I don't quite understand but the vet says she has a soft spot on her b… more ›

Jan 19, 2009 | By maria h. | 6

Every year my veterinarian comes to my house to give every one their shots and to check them over. Josie was the first one up. Good grief, she was scr… more ›

Jan 19, 2009 | By Denise T. | 6

Sammy is feeling much, much better tonight. He finally ate something and has been running around the house playing with his brothers all night. In f… more ›

Jan 19, 2009 | By Catey P.

For anyone who owns hermit crabs or is thinking about owning hermit crabs, you should definitely check out this site. ›

Jan 19, 2009 | By Tamara W.

My baby Jasper has such long claws that holding him hurts! He actually lacerates your skin with them (even though he is not meaning to do it) I love t… more ›

Jan 19, 2009 | By Tammany K.

So both my boys were at the vet at the same time. They both came home while I was out of town. My husband picked them up. So when I got home I was gre… more ›

Jan 19, 2009 | By HUMANE SOCIETY O.

One of the best things that happens volunteering with a rescue organization is when a pet is reunited with their owner. One such incident took place a… more ›

Jan 19, 2009 | By Sue O.

You know, I am not one that wants to pay more of our hard earned money for anything than we have to. I can not help but notice the number of people t… more ›

Jan 19, 2009 | By Horseboy

horses love hay as we all know but i didnt realize the difference in hay. for the horses to be truly healthy and avoid colic and other problems the ha… more ›

Jan 19, 2009 | By Liz R.

Max has an upset tummy. He chewed apart his tennis ball today and was eating it. I just thought it would pass through. Then later in the day jason g… more ›

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