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Jan 27, 2009 | By VKiggins

Has everyone looked at Henry's girth recently? He has really filled out! He is actually starting to get the "Sweets" waistline look. He has done so… more ›

Jan 27, 2009 | By Jason & Kandis D.

Our GSD "Chief" has some kind of growth on his face that we just noticed the other day. It's huge. It's like it just appeared over night. I don't … more ›

Jan 27, 2009 | By Youngdoc2011

What convinces owners is decreasing the risk of hormonal neoplasias and behavior modifications.

Jan 27, 2009 | By Veronica L.

The Burden of Boarding - What Makes a good Boarding Facility? I will tell you straight up - I hate boarding my horse. Unfortunately I do not hav… more ›

Jan 27, 2009 | By Mike R.

Recently we switched Madison over to weight maintenance food which is really helping her. The vet told us the last time we took her that she needed t… more ›

Jan 27, 2009 | By Edie Jo N.

Max loves to swim. It is great exercise and he really enjoys himself. I have to make him get out of the water or he would exhaust himself. After a … more ›

Jan 27, 2009 | By Jennifer B.

I spent 2 hours last night cleaning and rearranging a bedroom for my 4 visitors that I hope to get from the lady with 29 cats. I am allowed to take 2 … more ›

Jan 27, 2009 | By Elizabeth L.

I have 6 foster kittens and two of my own and they are all sick. I have them on vetropolycin for their eyes and Clavamox for their upper respitory inf… more ›

Jan 27, 2009 | By Michelle S.

Stupid stinking disease. I wish people knew how important it was to test for this and FIV. I had a kitten that died of it. Her name was Arwen, and the… more ›

Jan 27, 2009 | By Michelle S. | 1

Well, all the cats are sick now. It started out with Simon sneezing, now there's a full blown sniffle fest in my house. Eric probably brought home som… more ›

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