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Jan 11, 2009 | By Crttrs | 1

I brought home a foster boy today. He is 5 years old and a beautiful Ragdoll, Seal Point. However he is having issues with scratching. His skin is dry… more ›

Jan 11, 2009 | By sharon f.

Abby went to Iowa Valley Vet Clinic for a routine exam and update on her shots. My husband Rich was off of work and took her to her appointment. We ha… more ›

Jan 11, 2009 | By Diana L.

The attachment a puppy forms to people originates very early, between the third and seventh week of life. During this time a puppy should have contac… more ›

Jan 11, 2009 | By Lisa B.

we took Harley to the vet on Friday. The vet said his itching and hairloss are sarcoptic mange. He gave us LymDyp. So we are starting the battle… more ›

Jan 11, 2009 | By Jennifer B.

Just need to vent. Helping animals is something I love to do, but dealing with the humans is exhausting. I wish we could just bypass the people someho… more ›

Jan 11, 2009 | By scott z. | 2

I am so grateful for the turtle lake vet for the cost of services performed. Our last stray cat Eddie, needed 6 teeth removed and neutered. They say h… more ›

Jan 11, 2009 | By Margaret B.

Hector weighs less than 9 pounds but is full of fun and mischief. He is always patrolling to find food and fun. He likes to play with squeaky toys a… more ›

Jan 11, 2009 | By Leslie M.

Barbie has always had a sensitive stomach. Some days nothing stays down for long and at other times she can go for a long stretch without a problem. T… more ›

Jan 11, 2009 | By Natalia W. | 1

The hematoma is back. We went to the Vet yesterday and he put in a new canula. Poor dog. He used a 14 gauge needle to make a hole and then put the can… more ›

Jan 11, 2009 | By maria h. | 9

Every morning I have to give Star her thyroid medication.All I say is "medicine" and she comes to me and sits. Of course I have to pry her jaws open a… more ›

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