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Jan 29, 2009 | By Dstrykr

It was years of suffering from migraines before I finally found the cause. Mono Sodium Glutamate aka MSG. It is a flavor enhancer that makes people w… more ›

Jan 29, 2009 | By ME | 3

The prospect of a cancer diagnosis in our pets is one of the most profound fears we can experience as pet guardians. Cancer is a sadly commo… more ›

Jan 29, 2009 | By Michelle L.

We cleaned the dog kennels last night at the shelter. and Rusty Ruggles, who was treated for heartworm about 2 weeks ago, would not stay calm. I was a… more ›

Jan 29, 2009 | By MomPeeples

It takes a really smart person to even be accepted to veterinary school, much less graduate. Ask your veterinarian anytime you are concerned about yo… more ›

Jan 29, 2009 | By Carol

Sadie was supposed to have her 2 weeks follow up appointment with her vet this afternoon, but I had to reschedule. This dog with her food allergie… more ›

Jan 29, 2009 | By Veronica L. | 2

Well, my Guinea pigs all have mites, they had them when I got them and although I thought they wer gone they seem to have come back full force. I hav… more ›

Jan 29, 2009 | By Jalene

I was wondering how old my kids should be before I put them in charge of cat care. I have an 11 year old and an 8 year old. Now I am continually rem… more ›

Jan 29, 2009 | By Azzurrapl

Well - I guess I won't have any excuses to not read things and write about them for the next few days. Nioc is just sitting right next to me.... wonde… more ›

Jan 29, 2009 | By Kelley42

Jill had her thyroid removed yesterday. Hopefully she will never need medication for it again. Hopefully someone will come for her someday.

Jan 29, 2009 | By NFSAW S. | 3

Jill is back from her surgery and looks good. She has the cutest little t-shirt on that says "adopt me". I feel a photo-op coming!

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