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Jan 25, 2009 | By Julie | 35

Heather called last night when we were down the street at a Birthday party. We had a good time down there, but didn't get home until 11 or so, and Hea… more ›

Jan 25, 2009 | By Denise T. | 4

Tomorrow morning I get the test results for Buddy letting me know if he has liver damage and/or Cushings Disease. I have tried all weekend not to thi… more ›

Jan 25, 2009 | By DDRau

It wasn't too long ago that standard practice was to wait until after a cat experienced its first heat at 5-7 months of age. Mainly through the effor… more ›

Jan 25, 2009 | By Mercades P.

YUCK back to school in the morning and I do not like it not that i dont like school it is just the getting up in the mornings mom wakes us up and we g… more ›

Jan 25, 2009 | By MSUEBARDWELL

I gave pooky a bath today. He was so muddy. He enjoys getting a bath. I have never seen a dog so happy to be clean. He ran all over the house to show … more ›

Jan 25, 2009 | By Kelly P. | 1

Wyatt has a vet appointment tomorrow. I should have given him a quick bath tonight, but I don't feel to great so now I'm going to take a scruffy dog … more ›

Jan 25, 2009 | By Mattbing

My old bones are tired of this cold weather. Last Friday's 42 degrees seems miles away. Come on Spring!!!

Jan 25, 2009 | By DDRau

In addition to adorable cat furniture, has a listing of low cost cat spay programs throughout the US. Programs are listed for all 50 … more ›

Jan 25, 2009 | By Elise L. | 1

The other day I received Sugar's prescription card in the mail from Walgreen's. I had heard that pets could be enrolled in the Walgreen's prescription… more ›

Jan 25, 2009 | By DDRau

The 15th annual Spay Day USA is Feb. 24, 2009. This annual event sponsored by HSUS is officially the last Tuesday of February, with events and activit… more ›

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