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Jan 30, 2009 | By Lucille Vaughn F.

Yesterday I took Minnie to Pet Luv for her spaying. I don't know why I get stressed when I have to have this done, but she took it better than I did. … more ›

Jan 30, 2009 | By debby r. | 1

Joshua had a bad day today. He is getting weaker in his back legs. Joshua is thirteen and is also going blind. He seems to want to stay close to me mo… more ›

Jan 30, 2009 | By debby r. | 4

The Vet has put Angel my German Shepherd on a HA diet. They think she has food allergies. So far I do not see any change in her except she is gaining … more ›

Jan 30, 2009 | By Sherri R. | 1

Our cat Lucky may not be that Lucky after all. The vet examined her today to see if she was spayed and she is not. However, he thinks she may have bre… more ›

Jan 30, 2009 | By Katie C. | 3

Well, Andrew's visit to the vet was very productive. Magic no longer has blood in her urine, but there's still bacteria, so she's on another week of … more ›

Jan 30, 2009 | By Erica S.

My cat Gracie doesn't use the litterbox consistently. She poops in the litterbox consistently but she will pee right outside the box. I told my mom … more ›

Jan 30, 2009 | By Rick H. | 2

This is chime, this morning i found her kind of stuck in a hole and could not get out. It has paid off to check on them every so often. I was able to … more ›

Jan 30, 2009 | By Pam

Bella will eat anything on the floor - that is except people food crumbs. But let a staple or paper clip or hairpin fall on the floor and she is movin… more ›

Jan 30, 2009 | By Kelsey t.

Jill has to wear this adorable shirt to keep her from playing with her incision from her surgery. She hates it!

Jan 30, 2009 | By Sue W. | 1

Jake came home today after being neutered yesterday. We are suppose to keep him quiet and not let him get excited. This will never happen being a pu… more ›

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