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Jan 19, 2009 | By fabienne h.

Sysco is doing great(cat that wa attacked by dogs)..He still does not walk on his back leg but has no problem getting around..He can hop wight up on t… more ›

Jan 19, 2009 | By Diane

Keep your cats inside. Felines can freeze. For feral cats, please provide them with a proper insulated shelter. Cats will seek out warm places to slee… more ›

Jan 19, 2009 | By gayle c.

We've had a lot of ferrets in our life, especially because we had a ferret shelter for a time, so have gotten a chance to study them a bit. The one th… more ›

Jan 19, 2009 | By Syberhuskie | 1

Stryder, our 11 y/0 Siberian Husky, has an infection of some kind. I noticed about a week ago that his anus was red and swollen and he had poop on hi… more ›

Jan 19, 2009 | By Tamara W. | 28

I am so pissed off right now, and I am in tears. My kitty, who I love more than anything has been sneezing continuously (he sneezed 14 times in less t… more ›

Jan 19, 2009 | By Dorothy H. | 7

On the news today (CNN I think) they were saying the jars of peanut butter seem to be okay. The items causing the salmonella seem to be cookies, and s… more ›

Jan 19, 2009 | By Jessica T.

Katie has lost all most all of the weight she gained when my mother went crazy after my wedding and decided to feed Katie everything under the sun. Ka… more ›

Jan 19, 2009 | By Corissa

I took my dogs out around the block for a walk and you would not believe the number of cats just running around. None of them are fixed and I dont bel… more ›

Jan 19, 2009 | By Anonymous

Well our dog Zeke was scheduled for lump removal surgery today and it was heartbreaking to drop him off. He just stood there and would not go in the b… more ›

Jan 19, 2009 | By Manzana

Over the last several days, Tito has started sneezing multiple times, several times a day. So, I guess we're not going to be able to make 2 months in… more ›

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