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Jan 20, 2009 | By Diane

The Humane Society of Grand Bahama (HSGB), in partnership with The Kohn Foundation’s (TKF) Bahamian Animal Rescue Committee (B.A.R.C.) is pleased to… more ›

Jan 20, 2009 | By JanaRae

Todd and Baron are both long haired cats so it is often that we will find hairball. Disgusting.. It doesnt help that they both no only clean themselv… more ›

Jan 20, 2009 | By Jessica T. | 1

Amanda ended up in the hospital due to a severe shoulder dislocation that only happens in 2% of patients. She was in a lot of pain, and when she got h… more ›

Jan 20, 2009 | By Lauren M. | 1

It is a bladder infection. She is on antibiotics for two weeks and then the vet wants to do another urinalysis and see how she's doing.

Jan 20, 2009 | By Kelly R.

So When we woke up this morning my daughter said her ear hurt. At first I kissed it and thought it was all better but she was very cranky and when she… more ›

Jan 20, 2009 | By liza g.

when my hamster htat died was sick he was conctipated and a tric for any animal if they are conctipated is give then pumpkin pie mix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… more ›

Jan 20, 2009 | By Jonathon J.

with tina not feeling well ralphie sure stepped up and is helping. he wont let anyone near her except me our my girlfriend jessie. he is a protective … more ›

Jan 20, 2009 | By Jonathon J. | 1

well my baby tina isnt feeling well today. i think she has a uri. ive been giving her lysine with her wet food. i hope that works. shes been sneezing … more ›

Jan 20, 2009 | By K B.

Two of my cats need dental cleanings. One has inflamed gums and the other a tartar buildup. In the past, some of my animals have had tooth extractio… more ›

Jan 20, 2009 | By K B.

Thurman had a bath before Christmas and now he has developed little scabs on his skin and is losing his fur. The vet came by yesterday and said he ha… more ›

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