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Jan 21, 2009 | By Rinthea S.

Ive had Barkley since Sept of 2007 and he has fought chronic health problems from Allergies to Hypothyroidism and anything in between. He has been … more ›

Jan 21, 2009 | By gale m.

Poor Ruffles got a toush full of vaccines today. Distemper, lyme & kennel cough poor baby! And for finishing touches she also had her anal glands… more ›

Jan 21, 2009 | By gale m.

41.7 pounds is what my honi- bun weighed in at today at the vet's office! Hurrah! Maggie has never gone above 37 pounds and as been as low as 33 p… more ›

Jan 21, 2009 | By Dusti

Dogs turn gray when they are about six. The gray first appears around the lips and on the chin; then it spreads across the cheeks and nose and reach… more ›

Jan 21, 2009 | By Dusti | 1

Nine years of a dog's life are the equivalent of 58 human years. The old rule that one dog year equals seven human years is still often quoted but it… more ›

Jan 21, 2009 | By marcia h.

I feel so bad from my friends human and equine in Florida with the temperatures going into the 20's. Last week everyone was freezing with the weather… more ›

Jan 21, 2009 | By Bill C.

Well, I finally got the invoice for lab tests and pills for Tara, our lab. She will now be on pills for histoplasmosis. This is something I had not … more ›

Jan 21, 2009 | By Marian J.

Boudreaux walked .1 mile on the treamill yesterday. I think he would have enjoyed a "real" walk more, but at least he did get some exercise..a little.… more ›

Jan 21, 2009 | By Bettiann C.

Based upon Tara's blood tests, our vet has now prescribed an anti-fungal medication which she will need to take for three months. In addition, we'll … more ›

Jan 21, 2009 | By Julie | 7

My Quarter Horse, Chance, got himself into some trouble this past summer. He is a Rescue, and as sweet as a horse can be, he rides like a dream, but h… more ›

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