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Feb 03, 2009 | By ruthie | 8

> THIS IS TRUE & VERIFIED ON SNOPES.COM > > > > Recently someone had to have their 5-year old German > > Shepherd dog put down due To liver fail… more ›

Feb 03, 2009 | By Becky S. | 1

Tulee had her annual exam today, yep she has put on weight. I could tell she was looking a little chunkier and her sweaters havent been fitting as ni… more ›

Feb 03, 2009 | By Pandalover0729

I was at home changing my clothes because I just got out of curves. I pet Buddy and felt a lump on his right shoulder. I looked through his fur but Ci… more ›

Feb 03, 2009 | By Missy | 2

Kitty was very playful this morning and I noticed...long nails again! The first time I clipped kittys nails, kitty just looked and watched everything… more ›

Feb 03, 2009 | By AmandaCMHS

I love my kitty Wensday! She is soo sweet but I am sad to report that she is no longer with us. I think that she knew it was time to go when we were m… more ›

Feb 03, 2009 | By Liz C. | 1

Most people are not sure if microchipping their animals, but I had a first hand encounter with the chip situation. I was walking from where I had par… more ›

Feb 03, 2009 | By Pai's Mom | 4

Ok...I am now going on my 3rd night of being sick and I'm done with it.I have never been as sick in my whole life as I have been in this past year.I u… more ›

Feb 03, 2009 | By Pugluvr237 | 1

Tomorrow we are taking Dexter and Mittens to the vet. Dexter to check out that bump and Mittens to see what is wrong with her. She may have Alzheime… more ›

Feb 03, 2009 | By Jennifer C.

Molly went to the vet today. She has kidney failure and is dehydrated. They did blood work for her thyroid levels, so I will see if any changes need t… more ›

Feb 03, 2009 | By Anonymous | 1

We went to a boutique that as a "wash your own dog" facility, a nice feature. I don't have to bend over in a slippery tub or go outside with cold wate… more ›

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