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Feb 26, 2009 | By JohnScales

Now that Molly's Dad is back home we never get to take her and she isn't being walked anymore. Its sad, because she doesn't understand and looks like… more ›

Feb 26, 2009 | By KimballsMom | 1

I would like to thank those that commented on my Miracle Dog entry. I'm glad Kimball could give hope and encouragement to you. He is still doing well … more ›

Feb 26, 2009 | By Suzanne L.

I received an email telling about the danger of using a mulch in your yard called Cocoa Mulch. Dogs like the smell of it and some have been sickened … more ›

Feb 26, 2009 | By shelby d.

Equine therapy, or equine-assisted therapy, is an effective and increasingly popular mode of treatment for eating disorders. There is nothing mysterio… more ›

Feb 26, 2009 | By Taylor B.

My sister and I braved the snow storm and took Sassy to the vet today for a much needed nail trim! She did not like it one bit, but will do her a worl… more ›

Feb 26, 2009 | By shelby d.

Equine Therapy: How Horses Help Troubled Teens Build Better Lives By: Hugh C. McBride Some therapists guide their patients through structured pr… more ›

Feb 26, 2009 | By Annielandky

today was a nice day to be out side with your animals,took 3 dogs for a walk,really they took me for a walk,really enjoy being out side with them.I lo… more ›

Feb 26, 2009 | By Monicap | 3

I think I noticed Doc struggling to pee again. And he's not laying in the water dish. He had his last Zeniquin on tuesday nite. He's eating canned sci… more ›

Feb 26, 2009 | By Mcreynoldsj

Wasabi's baby is having babies! She now has 8 eggs & is sitting on them. When we go to bed I leave the light on in part of the room the birds occupy … more ›

Feb 26, 2009 | By sandy h. | 11

The second trip to the vet this week and why does the weather have to be so bad when I have to drive 60 miles one way? My eyes are still bleary from b… more ›

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