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Mar 05, 2009 | By Monicap | 1

YUP, another uti. I feel so bad for him. He is in misery. He goes in the box then out. He did manage about a dimes worth of pee. But he doesnt seem to… more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By Liz L.

She was THRILLED with him! So was I. I wasn't sure how he would handle new people, shots etc. He did so great. He got a clean bill of health other … more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By Ellen S.

Poor Patton, Since we adopted him he's had health problems. First surgery to correct some "male" problems. Then developed an intestinal disease (l… more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By Stacy J.

Just got back from STHS and dog walking. It's a gorgeous day! This one dog is white and tan and his white has gone yellow. I tried to wash it out b… more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By Lynn h.

well ginger still has a bad cough. she was tested with her doctors appt with flying it seems like everything is going wrong with her. a… more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By Ann-Marie J.

Should You Feed Beet Pulp? Beet pulp, the material left behind when table sugar is extracted from sugar beets, is a perfectly safe horse feed. … more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By Dogloveryes

I love my dog kodi! he is the best. He likes to hang out in the basement all day because it is nice and cool! He is my best friend!

Mar 05, 2009 | By Kyra L.

My little walking vet bill has done it again. Kaylin got very very sick this weekend and had to be hospitalized for a night and a half. Thankfully s… more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By Dewitt G.

She was in for her second round of heartworm treatment. She seemed fairly calm and wasn't at all jumpy - well, except for when she saw a squirrel whi… more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By Evelync

Now it seems like Sami is not feelin well. He woke up this morn.not his usual perky self,so I knew he was not right. I'll have to keep my eye on him,… more ›

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