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Mar 05, 2009 | By Janna S.

My french bulldog Layla is almost a year old and very stubborn about training. I'm trying to figure out the best way to go about training with such a … more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By lyndsey s.

Sissy is very stinky today b/c she must have gotten into something outside so in a little while im going to bathe her whihc is good b/c family is comi… more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By wayne h.

Poor Stocking had a bad day....she will be very embarrassed when she learns that I added this to a Journal...but anyway... she has worms. We went to … more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By Furperson

I first heard the term 'Little White Dog Syndome' muttered by my vet, a friend of 30+ years standing, as he examinded Dusty for the second or third ti… more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By Betty W.

Our dalmatian Lucky, who's 15, is not doing very well. She been having "cow pie" poop for about 2 weeks, off and on. The past 3 days it's worse, and t… more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By Katie C. | 3

Magic has been waking up and making a racket at about 3:30 AM for the last 3 nights. Last night her movements were really jerky when I let her out of… more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By Stephen B. | 1

My dog is smart yet dumb. Whenever we say anything with a W, or put on shoes and say her name, she will go ballistic. Does a anybody else have this pr… more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By Monicap | 1

YUP, another uti. I feel so bad for him. He is in misery. He goes in the box then out. He did manage about a dimes worth of pee. But he doesnt seem to… more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By Liz L.

She was THRILLED with him! So was I. I wasn't sure how he would handle new people, shots etc. He did so great. He got a clean bill of health other … more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By Ellen S.

Poor Patton, Since we adopted him he's had health problems. First surgery to correct some "male" problems. Then developed an intestinal disease (l… more ›

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