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Mar 05, 2009 | By Rachel P.

So between the new flea medication and the other medication that mom has been giving me I am much more comfortable and much less itchy!! Which is goo… more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By Rachel G. | 2

Please tell every dog or cat owner you know... Even if you don't have a pet, please pass this to those who do. Over the weekend the doting… more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By Linda R.

OK, I may not personally be feeling the direct effects of aging....but watching aging sucks! My family had quite a scare this week with my dad needin… more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By SARAH S.

My big boy had a growth removed from his lip today, and he seems no worse for wear tonight. he is eating, drinking, and acting as if nothing happened.… more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By Rachel P.

Today mom took me to this place where they subjected me to water and soap torture. In the process the took away all my lovely dirt and smell so now I… more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By Betty V. | 2

Somehow we need to get the word out that it is not ok to drop off animals in the country. This happens every year. Dogs and cats show up on our road.… more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By alisa l.

In our house this is at least a two person job. I have two dogs that hate it with a passion -- we usually muzzle them for this procedure. My daughte… more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By carri k.

Today was supposed to be relaxing. Drpped Titan off at the groomers, pedicure for me then massage @ @ and hair at 6. It turned into everything but re… more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By Dylan L.

Abraham is pretty much a super fish. He's an electric yellow African Cichlid. I don't know if that's the real name or what but that's what I call hi… more ›

Mar 05, 2009 | By Jackie F.

Still doing great. The cold/snow was a little slow going; I upped the meds because I was afraid he was in pain. Most days are great. Today he did a… more ›

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