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Mar 03, 2009 | By peter k. | 2

I have a pile of suggestions for "new" dog owners.. as it has become a common occurrence among friends of late. Here is the main email I send to first… more ›

Mar 03, 2009 | By Pamela

I was able to snatch Max up when I got home tonight to bring to vet. He didn't know what was going on. He did put up a bit of a fight when I tried z… more ›

Mar 03, 2009 | By Traceylbosinski

Still cold outside. Suppose to warm up a bit tomarrow. Sure hope so. I'm not a fan of heat but at least I don't get these stupid head colds.

Mar 03, 2009 | By Stephan B. | 1

One of the worst things about living with a pet who has had cancer is the constant worry that the cancer will return. MacInnis has been so lucky; his… more ›

Mar 03, 2009 | By 4fergie

wondering how animals feet don't go numb and ache in the cold, or do they? I need to ask that question. I saw my dog outside in the snow yesterday f… more ›

Mar 03, 2009 | By Darlene R.

When Simba was only 9 months old he started walking with a little limp. A couple of days went by and he became very sluggish. I really started to wo… more ›

Mar 03, 2009 | By Louise G.

Been trying to upload videos off and on all day. No luck. Anyway, picked up Biggles from the vet. Leg is all bandaged and now awaiting lab results.… more ›

Mar 03, 2009 | By Joan R.

We are having some "real winter" weather in NJ, and it is just too cold for my 14 year old Dalmatian, Bubba. He has a nice fleece jacket, but can onl… more ›

Mar 03, 2009 | By Danette B.

Cheyenne is our 13 year old "baby". She has been through two years of demadactic mange, several fatty tumor removals, a TPLO replacement for her back… more ›

Mar 03, 2009 | By Sarah H.

I took both the dogs to Dirty Dog two weeks ago for a very thorough bathing. They are now however both incredibly dirty of course. That's the one prob… more ›

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