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Mar 07, 2009 | By Jessica Plauche H.

These are not my words, but I find them very thuoght provoking - very intriguing: There is a Chinese martial arts novel that has a very peculiar ch… more ›

Mar 07, 2009 | By Sheila S.

Yesterday was a beautiful day here and we took full advantage of it. Put on answer machine around 2 and headed to the walking park. I put Mr. Beans … more ›

Mar 07, 2009 | By Wendy R. | 1

My dog Evana is a purebred German Shepherd female, almost 11 years old. She started losing her claws this year and I researched SLO, an autoimmune di… more ›

Mar 07, 2009 | By Kathleen D.

Timothy and Bagel have long, long, long pointy nails. All the scratchers in the house cannot keep them trimmed. Today, the vet is coming to the hous… more ›

Mar 07, 2009 | By Christyhenley

Harry is ten now long do large dogs live anyway he is very lame ..and has tumors everywhere ,, he is starting to leak I can see pee on his be… more ›

Mar 07, 2009 | By Tru

We all know our pets want to be outside but be sure their time is limited on very cold and very hot days as both will affect their health.

Mar 07, 2009 | By lorraine B.

A veterinarian may suggest glucosamine or nutraceuticals for your dog's general pain due to old age, the beginnings of arthritis, or injury. Stronger … more ›

Mar 07, 2009 | By Tru

Please make sure you take your pet for yearly exam and shots and it si so important to their health. If cost is an issue, call local vets to see what… more ›

Mar 07, 2009 | By lorraine B.

A type of bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi, which is carried by the deer tick, causes Lyme disease. Lyme disease may cause serious dog health prob… more ›

Mar 07, 2009 | By rachael b.

My dog is around 13, she is a basset hound. I just seemed to realize she has been getting really skinny. What could it be.

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