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Mar 01, 2009 | By KrisT | 2

Marley peed in the living room two times yesterday. What a mess to have to clean up. We don't leave so much water in his dish now and we are taking … more ›

Mar 01, 2009 | By LuAnn W. | 2

Whenever we start to make tuna - Cookie and TJ will come running from anywhere - and even out of a deep sleep - to eat some fresh tuna. It's their fav… more ›

Mar 01, 2009 | By Cheryl b.

In Columbia, MO, we are so lucky to have many options to take our dogs. I wish more city planners would include dog parks and trails for dogs and thei… more ›

Mar 01, 2009 | By Judy A. | 4

This picture is of Matty not long before he died. He was still just a baby and had spent most of his short life at the vets. We tried and tried to s… more ›

Mar 01, 2009 | By Kim C.

Wow! what a beautiful morning! I just love Sundays....had a great start to the morning in the den with Sweetie, a cup of joe, and a big window overl… more ›

Mar 01, 2009 | By Robyn A.

Today my dogs finally do not smell too bad after having been exposed to a skunk last Thursay night. Wow, what a powerful scent, UGH. They spent to day… more ›

Mar 01, 2009 | By debby r. | 1

I have had Angel on Hypo Allergetic Food for about a month. Since on the diet she has started doing things she never did before. Last week stealing an… more ›

Mar 01, 2009 | By Louise G.

I took Biggles to the vet yesterday. The lump on his inside leg has come back, and now he is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. They will cut out what … more ›

Mar 01, 2009 | By Susan B.

Last night we took Ollie to his favorite friends house so he could have an evening of play while Mom and Dad got to play cards! He ran and ran gettin… more ›

Mar 01, 2009 | By Jennifer B. | 1

We recently took Champ and Bailey for their exams and shots and found out that our poor little girl had a nasty bacterial ear infection. Luckily a fe… more ›

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