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Mar 06, 2009 | By Katy M.

Ophelia found a new home a few weeks back where she can be indoor and outdoor. I couldn't have her be both since I lived in Concow at the time and sh… more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By J M. | 1

I hear that raw hides are good for your dogs and then I hear that they are horrible for their stomach....which is the truth!?! we get the ones that a… more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By Kathy R.

One of Charlie's favorite things to have done is to get brushed. Today with the weather being so beautiful I will take him outside on the front porch… more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By Anonymous

I wanted to make Zeke's fur all nice and shiny for our day out tomorrow at Doggy Day at the park. I dont like giving him baths anymore because it hurt… more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By Anne S. | 2

I don't think dogs get asthma but Petey has had at least 3 wheezing attacks observed in the past two days. It is different from an inverted sneeze and… more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By Kbethel1

Big blow out in the household last night. I need some serious pet therapy! Maybe Sara will volunteer!

Mar 06, 2009 | By Tammy M.

I have noticed that on all 6 of my cats, there is a layer of skin that just hangs from their bellies. The kittens aren't even fat yet-they are still … more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By Lueneburg | 2

Just to update the stool problem... the day after she got Fortiflora her stools were formed! Soft, but formed. The litter pan is almost a joy to clea… more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By Lisa B.

I went by the vets to see Buffy this morning and she was doing a lot better. They did a chest x-ray yesterday and her lungs do not look good and had … more ›

Mar 06, 2009 | By BHOLTZ

All the scabbiness has healed over Charcoals back. It's hard to tell is her hair has started to grown back yet. I think that will take months to show … more ›

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