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Mar 08, 2009 | By Suzanne L.

On the way home this morning I couldn't help thinking about all of the residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities who are unable to go… more ›

Mar 08, 2009 | By Dede S. | 1

It was a hard week this week .My Jem who is epileptic and has cluster seizures had 4 in 24 hrs.It was very heartbreaking to see her have them and I w… more ›

Mar 08, 2009 | By Baileyworld

Since having Bailey I have stressed and been worried about feeding her too much and worried I will cause her to become over weight. I make sure I take… more ›

Mar 08, 2009 | By Roberta P.

I Mommy and Daddy said that I need to go see my vet. I have a bump on the side of my neck that is getting larger and larger. It doesn't seem to both… more ›

Mar 08, 2009 | By Emsilia

Oliver had to go to the vet yesterday for his "yearly check-up" and he was not a happy camper about going in the car! Poor guy... he cries at first a… more ›

Mar 08, 2009 | By Ronda R.

Our house has an almost continual dog fart smell right now. I have to assume that the Iams food we're giving puppy isn't settling well, but am not su… more ›

Mar 08, 2009 | By Josh P.

I want to smack the guy who thought crossing a Poodle and Lab for non-hunting purposes would be a good idea. Do not take this post seriously.

Mar 08, 2009 | By Kellie T.

The weather has been beautiful all weekend and I've been stuck inside sick. I haven't even been able to really study for my mid-terms next week eithe… more ›

Mar 08, 2009 | By Linda S. | 2

This past week I haven't felt well. Usually Max & Roly run and play. But since I haven't been feeling well, they've had quiet time with me. Roly ev… more ›

Mar 08, 2009 | By Shart2006

Aboaut two years my family was riding down the road. I saw some puppies on the side, out in the country, nothing else around. I stopped to find someon… more ›

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