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Mar 04, 2009 | By Mary M.

Some people would never keep equine that can't be ridden or used and see it as a waste of money to feed and vet them. It's not a waste as they have a … more ›

Mar 04, 2009 | By SuzieGoose

Today I had my annual mamogram. I also had a bone density done. The mamogram is very important and I urge women out there to have theirs done. It is … more ›

Mar 04, 2009 | By Tlwp68

I was just wondering if anyone was familiar with breeding pet mice.I just got 2 mice, one male and one female, and would like to breed them once.The m… more ›

Mar 04, 2009 | By Lisa B.

Adrian has had some kind of bowel disorder since she was a mid aged kitten and she was given up because of that. I took her in and she had a lot of d… more ›

Mar 04, 2009 | By Lisa B.

My one cat Buffy who supposedly has asthma has gotten worse over the past couple days. Monday night a couple of us tried to trim her nails and she fo… more ›

Mar 04, 2009 | By Kaytee | 12

Please tell every dog or cat owner you know. Even if you don't have a pet, please pass this to those who do. Over the weekend the doting owner… more ›

Mar 04, 2009 | By Jodi S.

During the volunteer meeting we had a demonstration of T-Touch on a cat as well as two dogs. I was suitably impressed, and I thought I'd try it on th… more ›

Mar 04, 2009 | By Becky A.

Hazel has gained some weight. It's too bad that we can't take her for a walk....or could we? She's really overweight. I think I should ask Dr. Sch… more ›

Mar 04, 2009 | By Celia V. | 1

I'm always amazed how prevalent it still is. We just received one of those alert letters from the county health dept. that there was a stray cat that… more ›

Mar 04, 2009 | By Jesseallen

Hurray! I think Snoopy is losing weight! He looks a little bit better, and now that it's warm, he's going outside a lot more. Soon, we can start ta… more ›

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