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Mar 04, 2009 | By Geoff L.

We had 2 3-legged cats and it was interesting to see. Buddy who doesn't have a back leg goes up stairs slowly and down really fast. Sid was missing … more ›

Mar 04, 2009 | By Marianne M.

Recentley I adopted two kittens, whom I named Wizzard and Oz. Last week I had to put Oz down at ten months. It was then I learned about the deadly vir… more ›

Mar 04, 2009 | By Sena56

I called my husband from work to check on Athena. He told me she was up and around but still trembling. He hadn't given her anything to eat yet so I t… more ›

Mar 04, 2009 | By Doreen C.

I found Bobbie in Ohio at a hotel while visiting my husband's college. She was only 2.5 lbs and sickly. We nursed her to heath and she is an adorabl… more ›

Mar 04, 2009 | By sandy h. | 1

I am still waiting for the results on Spooky. I called this morning and they haven't gotten results back. They said they will call the lab if they don… more ›

Mar 04, 2009 | By Donna K.

After months of diareah, we think we may have GreyDee's diareah on the mend. He is on steroids and a bland WD diet and we are finally starting to see… more ›

Mar 04, 2009 | By VERA C.

Trinity is still holding her own. We are lowering the dosage of the steroids and added B-12 to the regime. She does have the "snuffles" and for some o… more ›


Mar 04, 2009 | By Nevin031

ECG's are pretty difficult things to decipher - I'm gaining a huge respect for cardiologists and veterinarians capable of deciphering these

Mar 04, 2009 | By VERA C.

When the caretaker of the sick ones that is bad news. I had to drag myself out of bed to fix Gracie's gruel and water along with her medication. Her l… more ›

Mar 04, 2009 | By Anonymous

Well I'm all moved back into my moms house. The animals all seem to be getting along as well as can be. I sure miss it just being Gizzy and I though. … more ›

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