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Mar 09, 2009 | By lorraine B.

Super glue is a common household item kept in kitchens and offices. Super glue is not among the top animal poisons, but dogs are often exposed to them… more ›

Mar 09, 2009 | By Julie A. | 1

clover is doing wonderful, her tail does not seem ro bother her anymore and she is now getting along with all my cats

Mar 09, 2009 | By Betty W. | 1

Lucky seems better today. Yesterday she at a full sized breakfast and dinner, and her stools are firming up. Ditto is no longer laying with her on her… more ›

Mar 09, 2009 | By Wendy W.

Bluey's bladder stones were caused by infection and not her diet! This is great news since we do not have to change her diet! She just needs another… more ›

Mar 09, 2009 | By Carrie N.

I decided this past weekend I'm going to get out and walk at least 2 miles every night. I'll build up, but that's my starting goal. Last night was t… more ›

Mar 09, 2009 | By Straatmann | 1

When we first started taking Buster for walks, he wasn't really happy about it. He would "put his brakes on" and many times pulled his collar off an… more ›

Mar 09, 2009 | By Jackie K. | 2

I have not been feeling the greatest lately, and whether I am physically getting sick or I am just depressed for no particular reason I am not sure. H… more ›

Mar 09, 2009 | By Michaelyn

I shaved half of Eenu yesterday. Keep in mind this is LA and not snow packed! We had a pretty good jog - we beat all the snails - HA. I had to keep… more ›

Mar 09, 2009 | By Sharri G. | 2

Well, Nail Night has come and gone again. I'm happy to report that the grandpigs behaved much better this time. Baby is always the problem. He has … more ›

Mar 09, 2009 | By Katie C. | 2

Magic is still adjusting to the phenobarbital. It makes her sleepy, but she is also acting very skittish or anxious. She jumps and snaps about half … more ›

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