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Mar 11, 2009 | By lance g.

I can't believe how fast our puppies are growing.They are for weeks old today.Vet said at eight weeks they need their shots.

Mar 11, 2009 | By Michele Z. | 46

Although I haven't known Daryl very long, I think I have gotten to know her fairly well via her journals, comments, photos, etc. Close friends/relati… more ›

Mar 11, 2009 | By Peggy A.

It's almost time for your horse's spring vaccinations! Haven't heard much in the news lately about West Nile Virus cases so I hope that means more pe… more ›

Mar 11, 2009 | By Tenlivesclub | 3

I was in tears this morning when I saw we were #20!!! The members and supporters are amazing and share the same passion for cats. This combination mak… more ›

Mar 11, 2009 | By John G. | 1

Pepperdine was very good with grandma and grandpa - He was my second Golden and would spend hours with my mother and father - They truly enjoyed havin… more ›

Mar 11, 2009 | By Dorothy

baron had surgery a week ago to have a fatty cyst removed from his neck area. he came home the evening after the surgery and was disoriented from the … more ›

Mar 11, 2009 | By Skyeblu

The past couple of weeks have been extra stressful and tough. My father has been in the hospital and is now in a nursing home. It's all for the best… more ›

Mar 11, 2009 | By Carrie N.

We decided on Monday to have Kita put down. He's getting worse and the Prednisone can only do so much. As I type this, he has a little less than 11 … more ›

Mar 10, 2009 | By melissa b.

We brought ali for a walk tonight. As I walked her she saw a lizard and decided to chase it down and eat it. Well, she accomplished that mission, poor… more ›

Mar 10, 2009 | By HeatherErwin

If your pet found its way to the local animal control, would he be able to tell them where home is? Probably not. Don't let your family pet get added … more ›

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