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Mar 11, 2009 | By Jennifer S.

No one replied to my previous journal so I thought I'd try it again. Does anyone else have any experience with a dog that has menengitis? My 3 year … more ›

Mar 11, 2009 | By Anonymous

Lefty's eye seems to be improving. I am hopeful that this will be our last eye infection.

Mar 11, 2009 | By Peggy B. | 1

Our dog managed to get some grapes off the table last night and eat them. Grapes can be toxic, even sometimes in small amounts and we didn't know how… more ›

Mar 11, 2009 | By Jessica T.

I have been looking up some articles after finding out that dogs can use treadmills to help them get their daily exercise. Katie has been struggling w… more ›

Mar 11, 2009 | By Liz B.

Cupid has been lethargic lately, and I am not sure what is up with the pup. She is no sulking out in the rain. Could it just be mud season? Or is i… more ›

Mar 11, 2009 | By Jessica T. | 1

I walked (read:carried) a chihuahua mix yesturday, and the poor guy just broke my heart. There are a lot of dogs at the shelter who touch my heart and… more ›

Mar 11, 2009 | By Irishfanx4

Our Westie Daisy is having what might be a rash or hot spot on her tummy. We have tried several different medicines but nothing is really making it to… more ›

Mar 11, 2009 | By Shiloh w.

i heard we do not have to worry about ticks unless the dog is not feeling well. that you dont have to do any thing to prevent lime disease because its… more ›

Mar 11, 2009 | By anne m.

yesterday i took both my dogs to be tested for lyme - there have plenty of ticks in the woods. both of them came back looking positive - i will know … more ›


Mar 11, 2009 | By tracy s.

About every two years our fish tank will just GO DOWN. We will get a fungus on all our fish and ick be gone does not do the trick because they are al… more ›

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