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Mar 09, 2009 | By alisa l.

My daughter has a tailless dog -- born that way -- I recently found that it is hard to work with dogs that are tailless because they express so much … more ›

Mar 09, 2009 | By Kim C.

Gosh, what a day! It definitely was a crazy one! Had a terrible day at work...nothing seemed to go right. Couldn't wait to get out of there-and le… more ›

Mar 09, 2009 | By ozy b.

Bruno used to get a lot of walking and swimming during Summer and Fall months. But this winter has been unusually cold, so he has not received as much… more ›

Mar 09, 2009 | By Sue O.

Well, as overwhelmed as I am still feeling, having RP here seems to be giving Ric a project that is not overly weighty or strenuous so perhaps good fo… more ›

Mar 09, 2009 | By Wrotten

Seems that all the shots have been administered and Wrotten is just waiting for her due date. Timing of the vaccines is so important so that the foal… more ›

Mar 09, 2009 | By barbara m.

A friend of mine has 4 fab greyhounds..but here's the twist. Two of her babies, Daisey and Tasha each has only three legs,the former lost a right leg… more ›

Mar 09, 2009 | By Chris

Observe the pet’s condition, environment, and apparent situation, like a humane professional would. Use your critical thinking skills. Make this a m… more ›

Mar 09, 2009 | By Tom F.

I'm still running a fever, but decided I had better go back to work before I'm out of a job. With this economy, there's just no telling. I feel some… more ›

Mar 09, 2009 | By MuttLover88

Soon, it will be time to get Val fixed, her health has improved so much over the past 3 weeks and she had gained 10+ lbs. I wonder if it is cruel to h… more ›

Mar 09, 2009 | By natalie

Taking my dane in for his senior checkup. The vet is going to do bloodwork and a urinalysis. He has been drinking and urinating more frequently. I h… more ›

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